The weekend honey-do list:

Michelle left me a list of things to do this Saturday which included a huge pile of laundry needing ironing. Being a bachelor until the age of 38 I never really mastered the art of ironing, so I thought what better place than the intertubes for a tutorial.

Ah…here’s what I’m looking for.

Towels were not actually on the list of items needing pressing but taking the initiative is always appreciated around here. I believe the pile of shirts, slacks, and skirts laying on our bed can wait. I suspect I might even get laid this evening in return for my domestic industriousness but the look of pride and satisfaction I will receive upon Michelle’s return this evening will be reward enough.

I better watch the lesson again.  I want to get this right.


7 responses to “The weekend honey-do list:

  1. I never mastered the art of ironing either, the dry cleaner down the road handles that chore just fine.

    So…what are you wearing, Mark?

  2. Right now I’m wearing 501’s, grey Hurley T, Calvin Klein boxer briefs (black). My beloved vintage black Tony Lama’s. When I posted this?…Just the boots.

    Since it looks like no one else is watching, what kind of gitup do you sport on laundry day Daphne?

  3. Got my wrinkles out in a jiffy.

  4. Just kiddin about the boots only outfit. C’mon, I’m 53. Gross.

    You’re a funny guy Andy.

  5. No, no, no. She’s doing it all wrong. She shouldn’t be ironing towels. If you just fold them right out of the dryer, your towels will be nice and wrinkle free! She’s made way too much work for herself.
    And not only that, but I have to put up with Irksome Middle’s proclivity to hop out of the shower, descend the stair case in a bath towel that resembles a wash cloth more than a rag. Every. Single. Time. She used to be modest…when she was a wee thing. But she always had this sixth sense of when to get out of the shower and come downstairs….when the cops were ringing my door bell.

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