Ordinarily Beautiful

What makes these  pictures of ordinary life in the recent past seen in color seem somehow exotic and fascinating? Is it just that we are used to seeing these types of images in sepia tones and are not prepared to really think of the people and places in them as real? Much more than similar contemporary photographs of everyday affairs, they make you want to leave your world and enter through the frame into theirs. See what they are up to and talking about. What are their concerns and passions.

The everyday look of life changes remarkably quickly. Pause and take a look around you ever so often and remember, for it will all have been utterly transformed while you’ve had your back turned.

Take a look at them all. They are breathtaking.

H/T to Powerline.


One response to “Ordinarily Beautiful

  1. I am astounded. These are just as you say. Breathtaking. High definition. Stunning and beautiful. A brilliant find.

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