I wanna play

Gerard has something cooking and as usual he is being all mysterious and cryptic about it. He’s been teasing us regular readers with comments dropped in other threads here and there and has been priming the pump over at his place with some Cosmic American Music to get us into the mood.

It’s a beautiful day and nothing much going on so I might as well play along.

Have a great weekend.


17 responses to “I wanna play

  1. He’s mean, that way.

  2. I think he’s just a drama queen.

  3. The Old Spice Manly Man’s Man We all Wish was Our Man, is smoking hot, madame. Gerard is a writer…he’s only hot under the collar.

  4. Now here’s a hot memory: Me, riding on the step next to my husband on a combine, harvesting wheat. Blazing hot day, big jug of iced water. A blue, cloudless sky. Him shirtless and deeply tanned, his hair a bit too long and gold as the wheat we are harvesting. And oh, girlfriend, the greeeeeenest eyes you ever did saw!

  5. Why do you do this to me? How did you find his hawtness?

  6. Okay. How did you meet?

  7. HAHAHAH! I don’t want THOSE kinds of details, woman! Oh hell….I quit. you win….he must be hawt. My midlife crises tend toward dead Spanish composers and poets. They’re cold. They’re dead. For me…they’re the hawtness.

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