Do Not Push The Red Button!

The video below contains very disturbing images. Please, I beg you…do not hit play if you value your sanity. What follows will enter your subconscious like an earworm and inevitably result in suicide or the commission of mass murder by anyone foolish enough to watch past the ten second mark. It’s too late for me, thanks to Jewel, but please, save yourselves. 




Well, I tried. Let the innocent victims of your future madness be on your conscience. 

If this is the sort of thing that Republicans plan on offering us this November, I’m going Ted Kaczynski.


6 responses to “Do Not Push The Red Button!

  1. Wow.

    And to think, if he wins we’ll just be seeing a whole lot more of this.

  2. For the love of Mi….I mean the love of Pete, I’m sorry. So very, very, very sorry. See if this kind of eye and earwash helps:

  3. It will be a horror movie called District 19…if he wins.

  4. Bring me my gun.

    No. The bigger one.

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