Ain’t that a shame.

There is a brand of conservatism loose in the country that is seeking to compete at the game of “cool” with our more practiced liberal friends. Personified by the likes of GOP Chairman Michael Steele and to a lesser degree Mike Huckabee, they are square sorts who instead of embracing their squareness try to come across as “hip” or “with it” by adopting what the culture deems as cool at any given moment in the form of painfully forced “jive talk” or playing bass in a TV band. As soon as they pull this “Look, I can be cool too” persona out of their bag of tricks they have lost me. Like Pat Boone covering a Fats Domino tune, it might be a perfectly nice song but he is bound to butcher it. Better he stick to sappy ballads and crooning love songs because that is who he is. I may not like his music but I can respect him for remaining true to himself and being comfortable in his own skin. Isn’t that the real definition of being cool?

People like and have an instinctual feel for those who battle on their own terms. If conservatives insist on playing a game in which they are the visiting team on a field where the home team sets the rules and has bought the umpires, they’re just not going to win. And wouldn’t that be a shame.


12 responses to “Ain’t that a shame.

  1. That was a real shame, too. But the effects have kind of cringeworthy definitiveness about them. Like Mike Huckabee. Blame Lee Atwater. Politics and musicians don’t mix….unless you’re Ted Nugent.

  2. You said it Daphne. As soon as they become Republicans, I’ve lost any kinship with them.

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  4. A guitar lesson from a man with REALLY important hair….

  5. I’d vote for that hair.
    That’s real hope-n-change.

  6. You know what bugs me about the pat boone video? He’s so damn happy about his break up, and his tears falling like rain, and its her fault and good bye, and i’ll effin’ cry boohoo, and ain’t that a shame….yeah, pat, that’s a cryin’ shame, Now watch how it’s done, whiteboy:

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