Hot Club of San Francisco

From Sippican comes this Monday morning musical interlude. At about the seven minute mark of watching and listening both of my arms cramped up so you’ll have to go there to read any pithy observations.

You still here? Go I say. Rummage around while you’re there. The proprietor will be downstairs making tables so if you see anything you like, leave your card in the comment section and he may or may not get back to you.


3 responses to “Hot Club of San Francisco

  1. Hot Club of San Fransisc0. I had one of those once, but they cut it straight across in half, instead of corner to corner in fours, so it wasn’t the real thing. That’s just how they do things out there, I guess.

  2. Funny.

    How was the weekend? Did you run the dog to exhaustion?

  3. She was absolutely spent. It was great.

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