Hey! I’m 53 years old today!


I’m posting this late in the hope that no one will notice.


10 responses to “Hey! I’m 53 years old today!

  1. You can post things late, but when you do, I always get it in my mailbox. You can run, but you cain’t hide, bwah!

  2. “I still see Zeus in the mirror every morning. She is beginning to see Seuss apparently.”

    That, I like. Happy Birthday, Mark. You’re only as old as you…fuck it, I hope you’re drunk.

  3. Many happy returns of the day, Mark!

  4. Getting older sucks, but it beats the alternative.

  5. My sister always says this on her birthday: You will always be older than me. I likewise state the same sentiment on your birthday, too.

  6. Happy Birthday.

    Don’t pull that trigger. You’re not even to the Depends stage yet.

  7. So I’m several days late, but happy birthday!

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