Is there anything PC can’t do?

Apparently, even hardened roughnecks on oil rigs are victims of the nanny mind and not to be trusted any longer with something that may inflict a nasty scratch.

Years ago when I worked on these offshore rigs, everyone…EVERYONE…carried a small single blade aluminum folding knife called a Big Chief. It was generally attached to your belt loop via a rope lanyard and was sharpened with a coarse file to provide a rough edge ideal for cutting line. Mostly these cutting chores were routine but occasionally something bad would happen fast that required fast action and we viewed it as counter productive to have to visit the tool pushers shack to check out a knife.

These guys work on offshore oil rigs and carrying a folding knife is considered too dangerous for them!? I only saw one guy actually hurt himself with one of these when, cutting through a bight of line with a downward motion, he stabbed himself in the thigh when the blade went through. We all though it was pretty funny that someone could have such poor grasp of the laws of momentum but he or someone like him must have hired a lawyer and sued. I can’t think of any other explanation for this kind of idiocy.

I’m at a loss…really.

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One response to “Is there anything PC can’t do?

  1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. The prevention of berms being constructed, the stopping of the ships that could help with the clean up…hell, even over in AZ, where the feds are ganging up with the Drug Cartels of Mexico to prevent the state from enacting laws that would guarantee its survival. It’s just one. more. thing. little things. All adding up. How far can we push? Will the little guys push back? What will it take before we get willing and total compliance for every. little. thing?
    We are governed by monsters and lunatics. That’s all I can come up with.

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