Happy Birthday Gerard!

Rumor has it that American Digest is seven years old today. I have been authorized to release this old video highlighting some of the elusive Mr. Vanderleun’s exploits before he retired to his private lake side villa somewhere in the west.

Here’s to another seven Gerard.


8 responses to “Happy Birthday Gerard!

  1. You’re terrified the boogeyman is hiding in your closet when you sleep at night; the poor boogeyman loses sleep over him hiding in the closet.

    He can slam a revolving door.

    He drank Daniel Plainview’s milkshake from across the room.

    He once had a near-death experience, and Death is still whimpering.

    He taught Pai Mei the five-point-palm exploding-heart technique.

  2. One of these days we’ll meet but in the mean time, this is just how I picture him.

  3. Where the fuck do they come from? They appear at random.

    Mommy blogger!? Emasculator. I’d stuff a sock down there if I could find the room.

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