What…no paper umbrella?

This picture pretty much sums up the Obama presidency. No one who aspires to the job “leader of the free world” can be seen sipping a cocktail of this sort. Bourbon or Scotch neat, yes. Vodka? Better than a mixed drink but engendering a certain amount of suspicion. A whipped cream “Bushwhacker” in a plastic cup with a Maraschino cherry on top? With a straw?! Never!

Via Wizbang

Update: Blogger friend Morgan observes that Obama “is just a whisker away from bowing to the damn thing. Better reconvene that panel again. You know, the one that’s supposed to advise him on which ass to kick.”

Because nothing says kick ass like a man sipping a Mardi Gras drink.


30 responses to “What…no paper umbrella?

  1. The posture is worrisome too. Look how much the inanimate object is moved to accommodate Him…versus how His Divine Bod is contorted to accommodate the inanimate object. He’s just a whisker away from bowing to the damn thing.

    Better reconvene that panel one more time. You know, the one that’s supposed to advise Him on which ass to kick.

  2. I love it when Morgan projects onto a photograph.

    It’s a hoot.

    The other thing clear from the photograph is that Obama would likely phone AAA.

    • Well…that cuts to the quick Arthur. I’m deeply wounded. Really.
      I vow to rehabilitate my manhood lost in the AAA incident by purchasing some of those tight bike shorts and shaving my legs.

    • I thought that, in the wake of Arthur’s wife leaving him for Rosie O’Donnell, he’d vowed to stay off the innertube in order to spend more time with his penis.

      A resolve easily softened I see.

  3. Funny how Arthur materializes right after the subject of “ass licking” comes up.

  4. Snide references to homosexuals are endless on your slice of the blogosphere Morgan. Jump into a conversation on virtually any thread you and Mark post and the result is the same.

  5. Spandex is a crime against nature.

    No one ever looks good in skin tight cycling shorts.

    No. One.

    Just hop on a bike and peddle. You’ll be rehabilitated before you know it.

  6. Leg shaving?

    I wouldn’t consider shaving ones legs until one is within 30 or so lbs. of one’s ideal weight and BMI.

  7. Pardon me boys
    But he’s the cat that drinks the fru-frus. . .

    *ahem* I have a different projection:

    The oral fixation with cigarettes and his endless ability to suck at all times everywhere just makes this photo beg for the “I can’t suck it all up with a straw” caption.

    Leader of the Freebie World.

  8. In fact, I may just pinch my own comment and the pic, since I got nothin’ else happening.


  9. Used to know an avid cyclist who shaved his legs. Said it improved his ability to “slip” through the air. His perfectly manicured nails and encyclopedic knowledge of Broadway show tunes lead me to doubt his sincerity regarding this explanation.

    Is that the snide homosexual reference you were looking for Arthur?

  10. “No one ever looks good in skin tight cycling shorts. No. One.”

    Hmmmm. Well you got your Miley Cyrus…

    Elizabeth Hendrickson…


    Sarah Palin…

    Supergirl (but I repeat myself)…

    Some unnamed model…


    Another unnamed model…

    Brie Larson…

    Now if your statement is taken as a broad generalization, rather than as the diamond-hard absolute statement which is how you delivered it, then I would say you have a point. But you didn’t offer it as a true-more-often-than-not generalization. You flung it upon us as a take-no-prisoners make-no-exceptions rule.

    So I just have to ask, at this point:

    Is there someone paying you a bounty, like on a per-word basis, to say grossly mistaken things? Your business acumen could stand some improvement if that is not the case.

    • Morgan, just what in the hell makes you an expert on delivering generalizations vs absolutes? Never come up in my experience with you. 🙂

      • And I have been sucker-punched over it too. Sometimes deserving, sometimes not.

        In Arthur’s case, it couldn’t happen to a nicer fella. I understand why he has this feeling about those dorky bike shorts, and 80% of the time I’d agree.

        But that was just an ignorant thing to say.

        I didn’t even include the Alyssa Milano ad for T-Mobile or whatever it was. Hot damn.

      • Well, I’ve put up something absolutely related to tight shorts that is generally good for 80% of whatever ails you over at my squalid hole.

  11. As to the image itself, it’s obvious that Obama has found at least one thing h e can suck up with a straw.

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  13. Hey Morgan! On an unrelated topic, how’s about some free tech help. My wordpress blog thingy won’t accept new posts or edits, I get an error message about google maps API server rejecting the request because I don’t have permission to use this service over SSL. What the hell does this mean? Any ideas?

    • Is that a HTTP error? Do you have the error code?

      I’m looking specifically to know what it has in mind with the concept of “you” as in “you” don’t have access…WordPress not seeing your account as having the rights in its MySql database, or the https connection somehow didn’t authenticate correctly.

      Or maybe you’re wearing dorky bike shorts. Just for the record Mark, even not having seen you, I still include you in the 80%. Maybe your WordPress installation agrees.

      See if you can send a screen scrape to my hotmail account, and I’ll do the best I can.

  14. Oh I see it’s a real Goole Maps error. What has this to do with Google Maps? Is your new post trying to embed something?

    Likely a certificate/authentication issue with a dorkified incorrect error message. These are tricky, a lot of things can foul them up, they’re digitally signed, expiration-dated, etc. Anyway, just send the stuff to me and I’ll see if I can figure it out.

  15. I checked on one of the wordpress forums and apparently it is a widespread problem that they are working on. In the mean time I just switched the posting format from visual to html and it is working for now.

    You are correct in your assumption regarding the bike shorts. Being fat, very white, and 53, well…no.

  16. Morgan. Morgan. Morgan.

    Andy hit the nail on the head.

    Exaggeration is an element of satire. My ‘diamond-hard statement’ regarding spandex shorts is obviously a joke. Absolutes about personal taste are near-impossible to make. And the punch line is not all that complicated. For every J-Lo or Miley you provide a photograph for I can point out on my usual ride dozens of bikers stuffed into their shorts like sausages into skins. That’s the ‘reality’ of the bicycle short. Your examples are the ideal and occur in nature practically not at all. Think Penthouse pet.

    It’s a matter of taste Morgan. Nothing more. Nothing less. Beyond that I knew you would go out of your way to ‘prove’ how fabulous spandex shorts can be.

    And as always I admire your ability to install paragraphs where sentences would do.

    • And I admire your abilities too, Arthur, to manufacture a disagreement where none exists.

      The difference is, of course, that every now & then loquacity might be useful. Perhaps someday someone will discover a useful purpose for your talent too.

  17. Morgan typed:

    ‘And I admire your abilities too, Arthur, to manufacture a disagreement where none exists.’

    Of course there is no disagreement here on the right-wing blogosphere. Chimps happily picking nits off one another.

    Just the same old ‘oh woe is us’ the collectivistIslamofascistprogressiveDemocratenvironmentalistbrieeatingwhiteinelimousineliberalprivatejet crowd is shoving the US of A into utter wrack and ruin.

    And it’s up to us ‘real Americans’ to take it back.

    Did I miss anything?

  18. Ridicule doesn’t make a statement, Arthur. And it’s past high time someone told you: Too much of it, without any substance to go with it, amounts to muddled incoherence and not much more.

    How about just for once, make a statement so you can be easily understood — if you’ve got the balls. You’re cool with everything that’s going on?

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