The Church of Nancy: Here’s that theocracy you were looking for.

Is a religion a religion simply because it identifies itself as one?

Hmmm…I’m trying to imagine the press reaction if someone like Sarah Palin had said this

If one of those icky conservatives so much as makes an oblique statement regarding their religious faith, it is proof positive to some of their intent to impose a totalitarian theocracy along the lines of the Handmaid’s Tale. The speaker of the House specifically endorses Catholicism as her guide in forming public policy and it generates yawns from these same people. Of course it is really not about religion and it’s separation from the levers of state power to this crowd but rather the marginalization of a certain type of faith that transcends this world while helping guide us through it, and the implementation of one that will take us by the hand and forcibly put us on the “correct” path.

If I thought that Nancy Pelosi was actually sincere in her faith, I really wouldn’t have a problem with her using it as a guide. Everyone uses a moral compass to find their way, even if those compass’ are not always accurate.  But she isn’t sincere…is she. It is fairly obvious to anyone with even a faint understanding of church doctrine that Nancy Pelosi is no Catholic. She worships at the altar of  power politics and reads, no…not reads, but rather manufactures “The Scripture According to Nancy” and then attempts to pass it off as being true to her Christian faith.   The Pope must have had a massive headache after his meeting with the Speaker in the above linked article .

People like her and those who follow are fine with co-mingling faith and state power as long as it is their chosen faiths of Leftism, the radical environmentalism of the Gaia worshipers, or worshipers of the self. If she can Gussie it up a bit as ‘Christianity Light”, so much the better to sell it to those looking for some kind of meaning in their lives but are much too sophisticated and reasonable to take on the whole religion thing with all those “shall’s” and “shall not’s”.

In a true faith the “shall’s” and “shall not’s” are offered up front and as an individual, you are free to accept or reject said faith. In a false faith such as “The Church of Nancy”, the shall’s and shall not’s will be just as numerous but stealthily imposed and strictly enforced by state power.

As a non-church going heathen, I would rather take my chances at serving penitence and begging mercy in the next world than accepting the sure thing of serving them now in the theocracy of  “The Church of Nancy”.


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