“The Kiss of Gore”

Seen here implanting the egg for his own divorce at the 2000 DNC,   it hatches at last after ten years of silently  incubating on Tipper’s brain stem.

Poor guy. I feel for him. If you feel similarly, just keep looking at the picture and you’ll get over it. I kissed a girl like that once when I was 19 and my port testicle is still slightly larger than starboard as a result.


6 responses to ““The Kiss of Gore”

  1. “Where do I begin . . . ?”

    He finally made an honest woman of her, she honestly couldn’t fake it anymore.

  2. WTF? What is this, Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction”– not dead just yet? I mean, here we are mourning your demise, finally getting used to not reading WSM– and you’re baaaack! Did you build up to Critical Outrage level while you were gone?

    We need you back, Mark. Even Chris Fountain has taken to blogging about Washington to fill the void you left: http://christopherfountain.com/2010/06/01/liberals-vs-reality/

    And who’s going to get outraged about Seattle’s latest attempt to stamp out any lingering chance of a landlord making a profit?

    Your break’s over. Get back in that ring and start punching!

  3. . . . and finally, used as a political prop.

  4. I saw that picture of Al probing Tipper and just had to share.

    I’ll be back after awhile.

  5. So… which one is Manbearpig?

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