“The Future Belongs To Those Who Show Up”

Via Ed Driscoll and Maggies Farm, an interview of Mark Steyn by the Hoover Institute’s Peter Robinson. 38 minutes and worth every second.

To my progressive readers, I realize that the name of Rush Limbaugh is invoked in the first few paragraphs so try not to panic, engage your left brain, (I fail to understand how the side of the brain used for logic and reason was ever designated as the “left” side) and listen to the whole thing.


2 responses to ““The Future Belongs To Those Who Show Up”

  1. “engage your left brain, (I fail to understand how the side of the brain used for logic and reason was ever designated as the “left” side)”

    I fail to understand how “right” leaning politics can almost always be so very wrong. heh

    Don’t even get me started about guys like this. He’s just the latest incarnation of the Native Sons of the Golden West – Preserving California, and the western lifestyle, for the white man.

    Who cares if France is full of Tunisians, don’t they speak French in Tunisia?

    For every one of these guys who just says what people want to hear, I can supply you with the names of at least three economists that will say that the only way for the West to survive at all, is through easing immigration policies. Either an economy is shrinking, or it’s growing; and it’s pretty hard to grow it if people are having 1.3 children per couple.

    And again, if it wasn’t for those damned furriners invading the west, a head of lettuce would be about $10 – and your mother sure as heck wouldn’t be living in Arizona right now. (at least not in a house with a roof and a driveway)

    Racism is racism, and xenophobia is xenoephobia, even if it has a scholarly English accent.

    • Culture is not race Joe, and that is Steyn’s whole point. If you want to call him a “culturist” then fair enough, but he is no racist. If France is full of Tunisians who have assimilated French culture then rightly, as you say, who cares. If it is the French however, through their own diminishing birth rates and increased immigration from a culture that refuses and is indeed encouraged not to assimilate, who are forced to accept the burqa, female genital mutilation, dhimmitude, and a host of other charming Muslim customs, would you care? The results of multiculturalism in a society as opposed to a melting pot into a common culture produces a “Balkanization” of that society which can have no good outcome over time. Do you expect that if a Muslim culture is approaching becoming dominant in France that the native population will just take it laying down? Well…maybe the French will, but I suspect that in other European countries with a, shall we say more belligerent nature, they will revert to the traditional continental methods of ridding themselves of “threatening” minorities through war and ethnic genocide.

      You can airily dismiss the nature of human beings by saying “who cares if France is full of Tunisians” or Britain and Holland full of Pakistanis, or Swedish cities full of violent Muslim mobs, but at some point some people will care very much. Europe after all has a rather poor historical track record in dealing with ethnic minorities that they find “troubling” . Or perhaps as Steyn says, the countries of western Europe have lost their civilizational will and will simply go into the good night without a fight. In which case these countries will cease to be the liberal bastions of tolerance and human rights that they have become and under Islamic Sharia law become something quite different. Neither a very attractive outcome for a good liberal, wouldn’t you say?

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