How Liberals Think.

And in closing our little dust up of the previous week, I humbly submit Andrew Klavan’s classic “How Liberals Think”.

Because feeling something, and thinking something, are very different things.


11 responses to “How Liberals Think.

  1. I thought Conservatives are the only true Liberals, and Liberals are supposed to be called lefties now. And Harpy said you guys are libertarians with a small L.

    I hope your side (whatever the he’ll it is – the belly-acher party?) stays out of power for a while, you’re a lot more entertaining on the opposition.

    And why did they use a talking suppository for a spokesman? Ah, the guy that looks like a Gin bottle must have been busy that day.


  2. Damn lefty iPhones with their spell check. They’re like double agents or something.

    Hmmm, come to think of it I’ve never seen Steve Wozniak and Grover Norquist in the same room together….

  3. Face it Joe. Even Andrew Klavan makes a more attractive babe than those Democrat slags. You of all people should see that, mine Zorro.

  4. Then again, as long as the world has an upright gin bottle, you’ll have a pleasing place to sit.

  5. Man oh man them pointed headed liberals.

    They’re talking about the Louisiana oil spill.

    I had to head to the right to get a break from all the alarmism

    The catastrophe certainly hasn’t made an impact in Real America.

    • That’s pointy headed liberals Arthur, not “pointed”.
      What a mess that spill is going to be. I used to live down there and due to the nature of the delta country, it is going to be a disaster.
      A real shame.

    • Seeing as Bush was to blame for hurricane’s, I think it’s only fair that Obama should be held directly responsible for any oil spills which occur on his watch.
      I mean, he’s had over a year to heal the planet and stop the rise of the oceans. What’s he waiting for?

  6. Come on Mark.

    I meant pointy. Pointing out typos is picking low hanging fruit.

    Nevertheless I love your response.

    Obama pissed me off in the first place by re-opening offshore drilling. Happily he decided to put the kabosh on that after this disaster.

    But wait. It seems Haliburton was involved in working on the now dead rig. Seems they contracted to ‘cap’ the well for BP.

    Mission Accomplished!

    Dick Cheney and his fellow kleptocrats. The gift that keeps on giving.

    I love market ‘efficiencies’.

  7. Klavan nailed it with that first item. Liberals don’t even trust government that much when they’re running it…and three fifths of the time it’s those other guys, at which time, according to liberals, our government is just a civil-rights-violating, atrocity-committing, wiretapping coven of Wicked-Witch’s-Flying-Monkeys or something.

    But through it all, thick and thin, they want it to be in charge of more stuff.

    Go figger. But I’m not expecting any deep thoughts from Arthur or Joe, it’ll just be more bilge pumped in straight from the elementary school playground again. Nice ta see ya again, guys.

    • Another three paragraphs from old Morgan Freeberg accusing the other side of saying nothing; all the while saying nothing. Those old stand-up routine stereotypes of “that side is a bunch of preening supercilious America hating twits….” &. “that other side is a bunch pickup driving, bible thumping, gun-toting….” is super tired and super childish.

      Mark at least has the nerve to state what he thinks on the issues. Morgan just uses big words – and says nothing.

      What’s your solution Morgan? Or are you just another complainer like those tea-baggers?


      • Joe America

        “civil-rights-violating, atrocity-committing, wiretapping coven of Wicked-Witch’s-Flying-Monkeys”

        I guess there is truth in some stereotypes of the right.

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