The Mask of Joe America

So… I just got off the phone and it turns out that that fellow Joe America, who raised such a ruckus in this space recently, was my younger brother pulling a goof on me. Well played Bro…well played. You are victorious this time but there will be other days.

Until we meet again!!


50 responses to “The Mask of Joe America

  1. Okay. That’s enough about your gay renegade carving a Z with his blade brother. (Hey, lots of families have one.) Now lets get back to chatting about those pug-ugly democrat boygirleys and giving spankings to hot bloggers.

  2. Now Daphne, I’m reasonably sure, is real.

  3. Yeah, aren’t you going to defend me (the fairer brother) from big meanies like Gerrard?

    I hear he’s pretty butch; for a Lesbian. heh

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  5. The comment link points to the WordPress admin, instead of the comment on the public page.

  6. Mark,

    Please, don’t apologize to Daphne on my part. All anyone has to do is read a few of the posts on her blog to come to the same conclusions that I did.

    I stand by my slur: she seems like a bitter, hateful, rage filled Harpy – to me.

    I know she is your friend Mark, but she is definitely no friend of mine. And strangely I just don’t feel the love for her either. Maybe she is totally different in real life, I’ve never met her – but somehow, I seriously doubt it.

    And, I may have been poking those other two goons to get the reaction that would more than help me drive my point home, but don’t get me wrong; I’m with mom, I do think both of them are complete Morons.

    They both seem to be the types that were big counter-culture “radicals” back in the 60’s when it was in fashionable to fight the 50’s establishment; and now that the “liberals” (ie; socialists) are running things, they are just doing more of the same by fighting them now. Like all true conservatives, they do much better when out of power; because they have no solutions – just complaints. You guys just seem like typical sore losers to me. boo-hoo. So, pipe down you whiners.

    Just because I like my brother, and I respect his opinion, doesn’t mean I have to agree with it. And now that he knows who I am, that just means he can call me on my stupid opinions, with some point of reference.

    I’m sure all three of you fools (maybe even Mark) will have lots of comments on what a pinhead I am for “feeling” that way; but I’ll tell you what: I’m sure if I met them in person I might be a little more polite (to get as much crazy-talk out of them as I can, for my own amusement of course) but I highly doubt I would walk away saying: “hey those guys are right, I never thought of that” Anyone that can read their small minded blogs and come away saying that they even make sense, much less have any good points, is also a Moron. No offense to true Morons.

    How do you like that? heh


    Joe (Brian)

    • Oh oh. Joe’s back.
      Not to be a pussy or anything, but I’m going outside for a couple of five good belts before I readdress this thread.
      I just hate to witness a horrible wreck.

      • Just one thing bro before I go out and disappear the bottle. I wasn’t apologizing for your comments, just your demeanor. You were unecessarily rude I thought. Stick to the facts and ditch the attitude…or not. Your call.

    • Joe just goes to show when you’re born gay in a lesbian’s body you never quite get over it no matter how many times you date Rosie O’Donnell and fail to get lucky.

  7. I’d just like to say that Brian’s attitude has completely turned me around. He has shown me the error of my ways (by calling me a moron) and now I understand completely that out-of-control debt is the first step toward financial bliss, and anybody who objects to it must be a Klansman whose idea of a good time is lynching black people and shoving his testicles into the face of some other dude sleeping on the couch.

    It’s amazing how much you learn when you’re called a moron by some moss-covered Puget Sound douchebag.

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    • You people aren’t helping in regards to my family harmony but by all means, keep ’em coming. One bottle of red down, not one of those little bottles either… one of those big ones they sell on the bottom rack at Walmart. Time to break into the hard stuff.

  9. Ah, that’s more like it Morgan.

    Who would have thought Daphne could tell the difference between good and bad writing?

    I think my brother is a great writer. Nearly everything I have had issue with on his blog, it turns out, was written by one of you three. I’ve been reading this blog-thing for going on a year now and every time he writes from his head, or his heart, it’s well written and very clear; every time he pulls something from one of you guy’s site it’s dissapointing and just plain boring in it’s redundant anti………..everything-ness. What do you people stand FOR? Anything? Let’s get back to the good old days, blah, blah, blah.

    I just wish he would write more of what he actually thinks, and what conclusions he has come to. They may be different than mine, but they’re always interesting.

    And I can’t even tell you Daphne, how little I care about what you have to say. Ick.

    All my best,


    Keep it up Mark, I loved the C/W picker. Damn I wish I could do that.

  10. I think my brother is a great writer. Nearly everything I have had issue with on his blog, it turns out, was written by one of you three…I just wish he would write more of what he actually thinks, and what conclusions he has come to. They may be different than mine…And I can’t even tell you Daphne, how little I care about what you have to say. Ick.

    So close! You almost had it explained: Have you got what it takes to appreciate what people say when they disagree with you, or don’t you? You’re vacillating back and forth on this.

    With the mask or without it, it seems there really isn’t very much to ya. Just another lefty, caught in that lifetime-turning-point of figuring out that everybody can’t be happy with everyone all the time, so since you can’t please everybody you start kicking up dust so you can claim the mantle of “first guy who got pissed off.” Better to be pissed-off than pissed-on, eh? Naturally, those of us capable of coherent thought, those who possess the grasp on mathematics to say “Uh President Soetoro, I don’t think you can get out of debt by spending more money” — we must be the cause of all the problems.

    So you find things icky and you feel it’s necessary to say so over and over and over again, even though you’re bored debating the substance of the issues because it stings when I point out the obvious and you lose yet another round. Obviously, you’re just showing off for a third party, trying to keep your good graces or membership in some kind of informal club. What an incredibly fragile membership that club must have, I feel sorry for ya.

    Go on, tell me “ick” again so you can keep that membership for another thirty seconds.

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  12. Your sister in law

    I can only hope that Daphne, Morgan and VanderLOON have all hopefully been sterilized. Don’t bother responding, this is the last time I’ll waste my time reading what you freaks have to “say”.

  13. And by the way, since I know you’re not going to be reading this, I know you won’t be interested to know that you were “described” by Morgan in that link up there long before you ever got here (except for the pronoun):

    “If they start accusing you of being a bad person, just move on. It means you’re not talking to one of those people, you’re talking to a devoted disciple. He may be ideologically so-called-moderate. But he’s learned to do his thinking by calling other people nasty names. “

  14. Yeah, it’s looking like he’s the only one in the entire extended fam capable of expressing a thought any more sophisticated than “I like this I don’t like that.”

    By the way, I forbid Sis-in-law from reading this. They’re my words, you don’t have permission to look at them. Off with you.

  15. You see? THIS is what happens when you DON’T sit in front of the computer for the whole day. I should have been here reading, and eating popcorn, and enjoying the mayhem, and now…I have to leave some more and actually work. This just sucks most heinously. Nobody better get figuratively naked and start figuratively wrestling in some kind of allegorical equivalent of jello or mud while I’m gone.

  16. Cooler.
    Lawn chair.
    Check and double-check.

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