Time to put down the words, and pick up a stick.


Metaphorically speaking of course to some of you commenters who will no doubt read this as my intention to march right down to the Capitol Building in Olympia and beat the Governor about the head and shoulders with a cedar branch. I’m glad we have pre-emptively cleared that up.

My maternal Grandfather who lived to the ripe old age of 102, once told me that it is not wise to talk of religion or politics. While perhaps not wise, I have found that face to face discussion on matters that generate a great deal of passion among people with opposing views can yield lively and most times friendly debate. In the context of blogospheric anonymity however, the civility that seems to be inherent when three or four people sit down together over beers to argue their views evaporates into spite filled bouts of name calling and accusations of stupidity, venal intentions, or worse.

The tendency of some involved in online debate to address every disagreement as a hammer addresses a nail rather than understanding that a screw carefully driven, while taking a bit longer, will produce the same end without risk of damaging the wood, is growing tiresome to me. This rough and tumble is all well and good and can be much fun when the parties involved are merely anonymous IP addresses, but when loved family members and friends, or fellow bloggers who I like and admire become subject to the kind of verbal assault that most of us wouldn’t dare inflict in an eye to eye situation unless we were prepared to receive a short swift right to the jaw in return, perhaps it is time to tone it down a bit in this space and take my efforts at driving a stake through the heart of contemporary politics as it is practiced by both of our major political parties in a more constructive direction.

In this spirit I am going quit talking much about politics in this space from here on out and instead focus more on the positive side of what I see and the people I meet when I am out and about. I will remain fascinated by politics. Less because of what it is than in what it could be if power were truly returned to the hands of ordinary people as intended in our founding documents. Strangely, I think I will take resident lefty troll Arthutstone’s advice and get hands on involved on a local level in supporting and working for representation that adheres to these ideals, rather than just blathering from this cyber soap box. I’m not sure what form this hands on involvement will take, but you can’t win if you don’t play.

To quote Big Dan T, the grifting Bible salesman in the Coen brothers film “O Brother, Where Art Thou” immediately after beating his fellow fast talker senseless with a large stick and claiming his treasure, “End of lesson. So long boy’s. See ‘ya in the funny papers.”

Additionally, comments will now be moderated in this space. In the words of good blogger friend Gerard“Comments that exceed the obscenity or stupidity limits will be either edited or expunged.”


4 responses to “Time to put down the words, and pick up a stick.

  1. Nice job man.

    I wish more people like you would get involved and actually do something to make their government better – rather than complaining and focusing on what ‘they” are forcing down our throats. There is no “they” if it’s going to be a representative democracy – its’ all us man; Regular Joe’s (no offence of course) It’s our government; made up of whomever chooses to get involved – and chooses to spend the time and energy to affect how things in this country are decided. Hey, you could be a real live “Decider” heh heh

    Anyway, bravo to you. I’ll vote for you – at least when you reach the national level.

    I may disagree with some of your methods and opinions; but at least you have an opinion, you’re smart; and you’re plenty informed. A lot more than I can say for most.

    Again: you go Brother – And I’ll keep reading.



    • My first edict as Grand Imperial Poobah For Life will be to outlaw the likes of you….just kidding, heh heh.

      No actual running for anything for me. Too many skeleton’s in the ol’ closet if you know what I mean. I see myself as more the Rasputin type in relation to Tsar Nicholas II and his oligarchy. Bending those in power to my will through mysticism, group sexual activities, and the science of predicting the future through beard lice readings. Or I could just do some door knocking.

  2. I like your way of thinking……

    Except for the door knocking bit..

    Seriously: In real life, face to face, people see that the other person isn’t nearly as crazy as what they are saying…. if you know what I mean. Then they actually listen to what you have to say. On the interweb it’s just as series of statements – that inevitibly degenerate into a seris of insults. Even I have been guilty of it once or twice. heh heh

    it you’re not going to be poking the hornets nest with a stick on this blog thing, what are you going to talk about? Are you going to keep it going?

    • Oh…I’ll keep whacking the bee’s nest from time to time if something pisses me off Joe. Maybe more stories and day to day observations I think. Some more modern house stuff which is what this blog thingy was about originally. The statements don’t have to degenerate into a series of insults unless we choose to take it in that direction. That civility thing works on the innerwebs as well if we remember that there are actual people on the other side of the monitor.

      Now…off to study up on beard lice reading.

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