Who says girls can’t play?

This is how you field a foul ball.

When someone tells you that they don’t care for women’s sports due to its comparative lack of athleticism with the manly version, have them ask the left fielder in this clip what he thinks.


8 responses to “Who says girls can’t play?

  1. Wow. Better than Mario.

    And she’s pretty, on top of it. Oops, yeah I went there. Noticin’ stuff.

  2. Careful with that noticin’ Morgan. We’re being watched.

  3. Here’s to noticin’ what you two think about women: zzzzzzzzzzz

    Did you hear Obama is outlawing noticing things? Pelosi is the new noticin’ Czar. Yet one more of your civil rights gone. Next, it will be hearin’ things.

    Man, you two are dorks.

    Good baseball clip though.



  4. Man, you two are dorks.

    Careful, Joe, now we’ve got you doing it.

    Oh well. At least she’s still pretty.

  5. What? I don’t get it, was it really a man?

    If so, you’re right Morgan, he was good looking.


  6. Real woman, Joe– but she was on a wire and was lifted up the wall. More trivia: ball leaves the bat looking like a grounder, not a fly ball; catcher is right-handed in the first shot and left-handed in the final one.

    More that you needed to know– but let’s blame Mark for getting us riled up in the first place–

  7. Crap! You’re right Al. The ball off the bat is a grounder to short.

    For my next act, I will post a video of Congress balancing the federal budget before the November elections.

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