Lost in translation

Apparently this is an actual band, that plays in front of people…for money. 

Don’t quit your day jobs fellas.  H/T The Other McCain

If you’re really into Eastern European pop, this is better.


4 responses to “Lost in translation

  1. Are you kidding? I was waiting for him to douse his accordian with lighter fluid and light it of fire. And the suitcase solo at the end…… I just hope they avoid flying in planes.

    Mark my words: Some day the EMP will be searching for that squeeze box.

  2. I’m with Joe. I was waiting on total bombast from the dude beating on the suitcase and it paid off. I think we should quickly form a loose and fast partnership, snatch these boys up to a lucrative management contract, load them up with copious amounts of skanky women, booze, and drugs, and then unleash them on America.

    We’ll never be able to count all the money.

  3. Hey, it worked for Malcom McLaren and the Sex Pistols. And they didn’t even have an accordian player.

  4. As Vivienne Westwood said at his funeral: “Get a life, and do something with it.

    Truer words were never spoken……

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