The Tribe of Tolerance

After posting a harmless little goof on the attractiveness of conservative vs. liberal women yesterday, these are some of the choice nuggets left in the comments section for blogger friend Morgan, who stopped in to add his observations to the discussion, by those who hold themselves to be the tolerant tribe in our society. 

Sexist, racist, shallow minded, hateful, heinous lying hag, stupid pig…wait, that’s an insult to pigs, ass, piece of shit, idiot, turd, pathetic loser, douche bag…

Charming eh? I thank Morgan for helping me out and apologize for the verbal beating he had to take in doing so. I would suggest that for anyone else who attempts to engage the progressive mind in debate, this old movie clip might prove useful as the only sane reaction to arguing with the irrational.  Drive on Jack…just drive on.


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