Yes…Dynamic Inertia…That’s the Ticket

Since my early teen years, after discovering a Playboy magazine in Dad’s bedside bureau, I have enjoyed the benefits of “Dynamic Inertia”. Practiced alone or with others, “Dynamic Inertia” soon became a regular routine. I had heard during my short stint at a Catholic parochial school prior to this discovery that excessive use of “Dynamic Inertia” can cause hairy palms or blindness, but I am happy to report that my sight is still clear and the south side of my hands remain as bald as Yul Brenner’s scalp.

Thank you Shake Weight!…thy name is subtlety.

H/T to Autumn People for this…uh…excersise device.


One response to “Yes…Dynamic Inertia…That’s the Ticket

  1. Man, this is so funny

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