Compare and Contrast

I’m not saying that looks are everything but c’mon. As in home ownership, a little basic regular maintainance goes a long way regarding what the neighbors think of you.

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  1. This just made me sad. Sad that we still live in a world where this kind of blatant, overtly sexist, ‘in your face’ shallow-minded thinking is not only tolerated, but re-posted by people who claim to be well informed and ‘fair and balanced’.

    Shame on you. Think of the world you create for your kids when you send a message out into the world that ugly people (even if the photo of them is doctored to make them ugly) don’t count.

    You had a post awhile back about people picking on your kid for looking different. How are you any better than the bullies that did that?

    No one is asking for you to quit your job and march in Breast cancer awareness rallies for the rest of your life. Just make an effort, ANY effort, not to be a hateful representation of everything that women (liberal and conservative) fought so hard to overcome throughout most of the 20th century.

  2. Lighten up booze pup…it’s just a joke. Why is it that the far left seems to have joined the far right in inheriting the pinch nosed attitude of 1920’s prohibitionists regarding everything that offends their delicate sensibilities? Bunch of pecksniffs if you ask me.
    Don’t really recall a post regarding my kid looking funny but if you say so.

  3. I’m offended right down to the marrow of my bones when people make snap-judgments about other people based on looks.

    But it offends me even more when people spend vast sums of energy trying to say something, while remaining too cowardly to just come on out and say it.

    Liberal women are UGLY. The photoshop of Rosie should have been left out, it isn’t necessary because the pattern holds up generation after generation after generation. Ugly women are given an amplified voice and sent to Washington to represent millions, with no qualification other than their ugliness. Women who take the time and trouble to make themselves look presentable, especially for the enjoyment of straight men, are regularly shunned.

    Someone is trying to say something. Whatever it is, they lack the balls to come out & say it. That is the one thing that is most thoroughly bollywonkers, gunnybags & cockeyed here.

  4. Welcome Morgan. I am a reagular reader of “the blog that nobody reads”.

    I agree. The photoshop was completely gratuitous and unnecesary. Nothing says ugly like the real thing where Rosie is concerned.

  5. I beg to differ. Liberal women are not all ugly. You have the right to say whatever you want, as I have the right to disagree. I’m beautiful, your mother is beautiful, your wife is beautiful, your sister is beautiful, your other sister in law is beautiful, your niece is beautiful. Your politics are a mystery to me but please drop the sexist bullshit. The many women in and out of your life don’t appreciate it nor do they deserve it. As your other commenter said women have fought hard to overcome those judgments.

  6. Please don’t presume to speak for the women in & out of my life. If I can’t even point out a generalization when it’s demonstrable, then it should go without saying you can’t speak on behalf of people you don’t know.

    There is something going on there. The lack of attention to skin care. The shrill tones. The looking like a man when being viewed from the back of the head. The pantsuits. There is a message that someone is trying to communicate, and furthermore, someone else somewhere is already sitting in judgment of it, evaluating it, passing some things and flunking others — because otherwise why would all these liberal women be trying to hard to look unappealing?

    As for fighting hard to overcome judgments, that really means fighting hard to repress honest opinions and that means fighting hard against the ability and God-given right of people to make up their own minds about things. When Hillary Clinton is giving a speech, showing how assertive she is and starts talking in that duck voice that is extra-shrill and can crack glass, don’t go telling me she’s showing how gorgeous a woman can be, how soothing and dulcet her voice is. She’s trying to be an unappealing, brittle shrew because she’s going after the approval of those who think beauty is somehow mutually exclusive from a woman rising to her true potential. That if a woman does anything a straight man might find to be positive, she has somehow diminished herself.

    That doesn’t fly with right-thinking people. In our world, a woman doesn’t diminish herself one bit when she brings me a frosty beer with a big smile on her face, nor does that mean that’s all she is good for on this earth. Just means I like her better than a woman who wouldn’t do it, and she’s got my attention. I’m funny like that; when people are nice to me I’m nice to them.

    Guess nowadays that’s all that has to apply for you to be a “sexist.” Oh well, if you think that’s a good change you’ve got a right to your beliefs and I’ve got a right to mine. I believe it’s Friday, I believe I’ll have some beers brought to me tonight by a woman who doesn’t share your views, and I believe she’ll be naked. 🙂

  7. Take no offense sister in law, it’s just a tease. I know many beautiful liberal women and besides, true beauty lies in the heart, not in outward appearances.

    I am often surprised that our politics don’t align more closely as we both seem to regard local forms of government as superior in addressing local needs rather than a distant federal bureaucracy calling the shots. My beef with a large and ever growing central government is more philosophical than a right or left thing. I have nearly as much disdain for much of the right as I do for the left as they both seek to control our actions and thoughts via what they view as “correct” moral behavior. As I mentioned to another commenter, be careful what you wish for. The Obama administration may be implementing policies that you currently favor but in doing so are increasing the power of the federal government to unprecedented levels. That power will not go away when an administration touting policies less to your liking comes to power as they inevitably will. All politics should be local to the greatest extent possible in my perfect world.

  8. In the spirit of Morgan’s comment, it is not really the physical appearance of women (and Men) like Rosie that makes them unattractive but rather the contempt and hatred in their souls for anyone who does not share their views that is soon enough reflected in their physical appearance. As the old saying goes: In old age, we all get the face we deserve.

  9. By the way, here’s a shot of Supreme Court nominee short-lister Solicitor General Elena Kagan:

    The pattern continues. It becomes just oh-so-extensive of a pattern, up to some critical horizon; then, it grows three four six twelve more times. At some point — and this is the primary thrust of what I was trying to say — you have to conclude someone’s trying to get a message out and communicating it rather ineptly. You have to conclude, further, that if it is really irrelevant to a person’s qualifications whether she looks good or not, then perhaps we’re well past the point where we should have some frothy rage aired on behalf of the pretty ladies. Where’s their equal opportunity? Are they supposed to be all brainless? Someone, somewhere, in some position of power on the left side of things, seems to think so.

    My promise to God, if you sent me out to go find such a high number of females who were hit this many times with the fugly stick, I’d have no idea how to deliver on it. I wouldn’t be able to find half that many. If I tried really hard, maybe I could produce two or three who share some features with Hillary’s unattractive nose-mouth-chin combo, but that’s about the best I could do.

  10. Morgan, my comment was directed at Mark. I don’t know you and would never presume to comment about your family. And yes, beauty lies within, which is why its ludacris to feature such “beauties” as Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin. Both heinous lying hags. Yes, Rosie is foul, and no one wants to claim her, not even the dykes! Yes, Hilary is not an attractive women, hell after as many years of bullshit and politics she’s been through, anyone would look haggard. As for my politics, we are on the same page about a lot of things, others not so much. I have no title or group that I fit into. Fine with me. I’m mostly involved is food politics and revolution through food. Its what is closest to my heart and I feel every person in this country can make a difference, regardless of political leanings, uh, unless you work for Monsanto, Cargill or ADM that is….
    Morgan, I am not trying to stifle your right to free speech. I believe in the 1st ammendment and the right to offend. Maybe just maybe, those women aren’t trying to be unattractive, maybe thats how they look and act and they arent trying to sell their looks to sell their ideas. Maybe they should, maybe they would get better results. Sad. Don’t try and pigeonhole me after one comment. You have no idea how I feel about our current administration or their policies. All of this sounds like a lot of dynamic inertia to me… 🙂

  11. We are all human and just as we are free to adopt whatever looks we please, others are just as free to make assumptions based on those looks. The post modernists attempt to have the first while prohibiting the second. We are all guilty of making these judgements on others, although guilty may be a poor word choice as it is simply human nature to form our opinions of beauty on what we see with our eyes, or hear with our ears, or touch with our hands. In the world of the post modernist, Elena Kagen is to be considered as beautiful as Scarlett Johansson simply by the attempt to dismiss the very idea of objective beauty. There is no objective reality, all is relative…blah, blah, blah. This is not to say that someone with the physical features of an Elena Kagen cannot be a beautiful person, they just cannot be physically beautiful. Nothing wrong with that. It is what it is. In the world of post modernism however, it is what those who wield power says it is and you best toe the line if you don’t want to be accussed of sexism, or racism, or…well, you know the drill.

  12. Morgan, my comment was directed at Mark.

    I stand correct. Beg pardon.

    …which is why its ludacris [sic] to feature such “beauties” as Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin. Both heinous lying hags…Yes, Hilary is not an attractive women, hell after as many years of bullshit and politics she’s been through, anyone would look haggard.

    It’s no excuse. Hillary hasn’t seen even a fraction of what Palin’s been through in the past year and a half. HRC’s been working hard at looking like a dog since about 1994. Mark had this one nailed when he said age gives us the face we deserve.

    I cannot help but notice: An example of a Palin lie, is — ObamaCare could lead to Death Panels. The democrats find out about the FaceBook entry and make sure the cameras pick up on them giving out the obligatory horse-laugh…ho ho ho you stupid Eskimo whore. And then behind closed doors…psssst…better hurry up and scrub that end-of-life counseling from the bill. THERE. Now after we’re done with the eraser, Palin’s FaceBook entry has become a lie.

    When Hillary tells a lie, it’s 1) something that can be easily detected; 2) something that she should know damn good and well will be detected, and soon; 3) there’s no gain that comes from telling the lie, that is easily detectable. It’s as if the lie is told for sport. The “sniper fire” lie is one example. “I’m named after Sir Edmund” is another.

    Why do I bring this up? Because I think it has to do with why she’s aging so poorly. I think it’s true of all of them. Being a leftist means you work hard every day at manipulating people, even if it means you’re one of the manipulated. Men and women both become old before their time when that’s going on, that’s the real reason why this video could be made.

  13. your sister in law

    Morgan, LMFAO! Palin! Ha hahahahahahaha
    You are a joke.

  14. I read about that “Dynamic Inertia” thing somewhere recently. Sounds kind of dirty.

    Knowing you as I do sister in law, I would hazard to guess (I could be wrong here) that your initial negative reaction to a Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter is based on the way they look or the way they talk. They can come across a bit as the strict “Stand up straight! Eat your peas and carrots!” type that I tend to rebel against as well. The danger here however is in filtering any following information that you may receive through the “Sarah Palin is stupid because that’s the way stupid people look and talk” prism and then following your preconceived notion to its logical conclusion of “Sarah Palin is a heinous lying hag” by absorbing through the press and popular culture that which follows your narrative and rejecting that which doesn’t. Just for fun, provide some examples of her lying heinous hagdom. I’ll bet many if not most of them can be shot down relatively easily.

  15. On some other message board full of Palin haters (you folks flock to message boards, generally, which I find interesting) I made the point that jokes arouse endorphins and threats arouse adrenaline. I further observed that Palin haters are awash in a whole lot more adrenaline than endorphins. Even when they laugh, it’s that awkward, forced, “please find me socially acceptable in your clique” thing we all remember from the fifth-grade playground.

    I notice a few other things about Palin bashers too.

    Suffice to say you’re not providing much necessity for me to revise any part of that list.

  16. How tired.

    Every time I start to have hope for you, you come up with something shallow and stupid like this sort of crap.

    At least you have explained the mystery of any appeal that someone like Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter holds to the fools on the right. Again, it’s for reasons just like you demonstrated that most people on the “left” think people on whatever side you’re on, are complete Asses.

    This Morgan guy sounds like a Pig to me; wait, that is an insult to Pigs. I would dive in to what a shallow POS he is, but he can make a better case for my point than I could ever hope to make. Morgan: Good luck in your life – you’ll need it.

    I’m sure there are shallow women aplenty for that Morgan Idiot to play off of; and he’s more than welcome to ’em. Any woman that is stupid ofr shallow enough to tolerate a Turd like him deserves exactly what they get.

    Just when your dumb blog thing got kind of interesting you pull crap like this out of your ass. You should be ashamed of yourself.



  17. your sister in law

    I don’t care how they look, other than that is what the sheeple are following. I don’t think either of them are stupid. I disagree with their politics, think they are both hypocrites who don’t follow their own line and I am totally opposed to both of their stances on womens reproductive rights, the environment, and consider them whores in the truest sense of the word. I have no issue with people dressing any way or adorning themselves. Its a form of self expression. Its just thats all there is, thats what people are buying with Sarah, that and she shoots a gun. Where’s the meat? wheres the ideas? She’s a talking head, a tool. Ann is just so bitter and hate filled I can’t listen/read her. I have to fight the bitter hate filled person in me, so I try to stay away from others who turn their self loathing into a career. Otherwise the mean Leslie would be telling your buddy Morgan what I think of him. Off to go camping, have a great weekend! Miss you guys! 🙂

  18. And wait a minute: I think reason your sister in law doesn’t like or agree with the views of someone like Sarah Palin has nothing to do with the fact that she looks good in skirt; I think that is your side that has the cheerleader-with-a gun fantasy.

    The sole reason people like me, or maybe your sister-in-law, dislike Sarah Palin is because she brings absolutely nothing to the table – other than her short skirt.

    I guess that’s enough for cretins like that Morgan fool.



  19. Now that I’ve hit the hornet’s nest with a big stick, I’ve gotta run. Heh, heh.
    Like the web site sister in law! Hope business is good!

  20. Wow.

    That vicious browbeating I got from the both of them has really motivated me to turn my life around and try to find ways to become a more positive, non-judgmental, lovable person.

  21. I wouldn’t call a lot of those women “hot” or “sexy” but some are certainly attractive (I also didn’t know who a lot of them were…). As you said, Mark, maintenance goes a long way to making everyone more attractive, regardless of political leaning.

  22. I know you’ll do fine Morgan once you start “feeling” your way through life rather than reasoning your way through it.

  23. Not sweatin’ it.

    You know, I understand it’s the Pacific NW and all…don’t take this the wrong way, but you need a better class of comment-posters. Seriously, it’s like something straight out of the eighth grade. Everything those clowns said boiled down to this: “You have to pretend ugly women are pretty women, and if you don’t me and my friends will just HATE you forEVER!!1!” Everything’s high drama, everything’s just a mildly creative dismissal followed by a door slam. Not a single point made about anything, just I-don’t-like-(blank).

    Like I said, over on my half of the world we’re nice to folks who are nice to us. Life just seems to work out nicer that way…and if certain people don’t like it, that just means it’ll be quite awhile before I see ’em where I’m going. That seems to be satisfactory to everybody, so I fail to see what the problem is.

    Send ’em all to the gulag, I sez. I’ll stick to the nice-looking naked lady bringing me beer. 😀

  24. Morgan,

    I never said anything about pretending ugly people are good looking. I just pointed out how juvenile and shallow it is when you don’t have a valid arguement, people like you (shallow, juvenile people) or Westsound, resort to callihf them fat or ugly. Talk about eighth grade

    I don’t For a minute deny your right to say exactly that; and please don’t deny me my right to call you a Pig and a pathetic looser.

    And thanks for the reminder of why I don’t live on the East Coast, of wherever they can tolerate people like you. it’s full of shallow D-bags – like yourself.

    Have a great day,


  25. Yeah I’ll work on that. Thanks again for role-modeling how to be patient, positive, lovable, uplifting, and most of all — observant and insightful.

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  27. “Liberal women are UGLY.”

    Always a treat to read the ‘thoughts’ of one Morgan K Freeberg.

    Heh. Heh.

    You wouldn’t say such a thing if you saw my wife Morgan.

  28. I’ve seen your wife and he’d look much better without the beard and the bone in the nose. Other than that, he’s smashing.

  29. “The sole reason people like me, or maybe your sister-in-law, dislike Sarah Palin is because she brings absolutely nothing to the table ”


    Deeper resume than the president.
    Nicer legs than FLOTUS or POTUS
    Best selling author
    One of the top five representatives of one of the two dominant political parties in the United States
    Candidate for Vice-President
    Governor of Alaska
    Great legs
    Star-class motivational speaker
    Drives dems, libs, and progs into frothing fits of spuming rage at a whim
    Right more often on policy issues than the president of the United States
    Smarter than the president of the United States
    Will be president of the United States
    Did I mention the legs?

  30. To invoke an exception, however accurate, to a rule that has been demonstrated to apply over and over again, is the signature of a flacid mind and a miniscule pecker.

  31. Gerard,

    You forgot “singlehandedly saved the world” on this whole issue involving Chairman Zero’s new nuclear strategy. Along with perhaps hundreds of thousands of people who would have eventually been condemned by the Death Panels…before the democrats were forced to scratch them out of the legislation so they could call her a liar.

    Obama == symbolism

    Palin == substance

  32. Gerard-

    We should meet sometime.

    Your wit is…

  33. Morgan Freeberg fantasized:

    ‘It’s no excuse. Hillary hasn’t seen even a fraction of what Palin’s been through in the past year and a half.’

    Shoot! I missed the stories where Palin was accused of murder.

  34. Arthur –

    And I missed the reports of so-called “journalists” being sent to Chappaqua to go through the former first lady’s garbage. Meanwhile, Palin’s hot and Clinton’s not.

    So you’re suggesting Hillary can’t handle the pressure? Very well, I agree. That maniacal Amy-Poehler laugh suggests she’s already cracked and needs to be locked up.

  35. On the island in Lost.

  36. Arthur, we did meet. You just weren’t aware of who you were talking to at the time.

  37. Morgan skewers them yet again. Demonstrating amply yet again that Palin-bashers come completely unglued at the mention of her name. It’s like saying “Ulysses” to a cyclops.

    Nice smackdown, MKF.

  38. Mutual friends Gerard?

  39. I didn’t suggest anything of the kind Morgan.

    Hilary Clinton can take what you lot dishes out just fine.

    But it’s always fun to have a glimpse into your ‘thought processes’.


  40. Yeah, with masterminds like Morgan Freeberg and vanderleun, it no wonder the right wing is rudderless and floundering on the rocks.

    Lets just look at Sarah Palin’s qualifications to be leader of the free world:

    Deeper resume than the president: Have you ever been to Alaska? Ever been to Wasilla? well I have….. They don’t call Wasilla and the Matanuska valley the Meth capitol of Alaska for nothing. I personally have no interest in the rest of America looking anything like any place in the State of Alaska. Oh, and I guess she did win the Miss Wasilla beauty contest in ’84, and won Miss congeniality with her awesome flute playing skills – and after attending five schools in four years was awarded a communications degree from the University of Idaho. Wow.

    Best selling author: Don’t forget; Mein Kampf was a best seller in its day. Nearly half of this country will read anything as long as it doesn’t contradict with their white-male-victim, anti-immigration mindset. And reinforces their me-first, greed above all else is good, life philosophy.

    Nice legs: Thanks again for pointing out why the rest of the free world thinks the American-right is a bunch of sophomoric Retards.

    One of the top five representatives of one of the two dominent political parties in the United States: It just goes to show you that half of this country is so desperate for a non-indicted Republican candidate: and Sarah Palin is the best they can come up with?…. If the Democrats offered up someone like her, the Republicans would be rolling in the isles with laughter.

    Candidate for Vice President: Even John McCain tried his best to distance himself from her the more the campaign progressed. If he had chosen a different running mate we would most likely be looking at a President McCain. So by all means, please nominate her for 2012.

    Governor of Alaska: Again, have you ever been to Alaska? – Oh, you must be a Meth producer, or a fur trapper, or a State employee, or just want to get an oil-revenue dividend check, for doing absolutely nothing. It’s about on par with being the Mayor of Shelton; only with a lot more endemic corruption. Ted Stevens?

    Great legs: Again, how can people take you guys seriously when you seem to have the mental and social skills of twelve year olds.

    Star class motivational speaker: So was Adolf Hitler. I’m not comparing her to Hitler, I’m just saying it’s another perfect example of you can never go broke under-estimating the stupidity of the American public. Just tell ’em what they want to hear. Nothing too complicated.

    Drives Dems, libs, and progs into frothing fits of spuming rage: I’ll give you that one. Because the very thought of someone like that being in charge of the free world, is beyond belief to anyone but the most rabid Republican.

    Right on more policy issues than the president: If you mean “Right” on the issues, I’m sure you’re correct. Otherwise I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

    Smarter than the President: Yeah, I’m sure she is…. She can play a flute after all; I hear they are really challenging to play (while you’re tap dancing that is)

    Will be President: Only if God truely is a vengeful God, and he really does have a sick sense of humor. And, the American public is really that dumb.

    Did I mention the legs?: Thanks for driving the point home. I’m sure you two will be voting for Palin in 2012. God help us….

    With people like these two as spokesmen for the right, I guess there’s really nothing else I can say….. Yeah, nice “smackdown” MKF.

    Now what side do you two work for?

  41. I didn’t suggest anything of the kind Morgan. Hilary Clinton can take what you lot dishes out just fine.

    Okay then, what’s your explanation?

    And Joe, maybe you haven’t managed to maintain an awareness of what’s going on, but we’ve tried putting these oh-so-impressive people who can give a great speech in charge already. The result is all around us, and frankly Alaska doesn’t look that bad by comparison especially when you start talking financial forecasts.

    In short, when Sarah Palin was in charge of running something, things improved. That’s really what it’s all about, in my world. Can’t speak for Gerard, but the nice looking legs are really just a bonus. So’s the beauty queen thing. In your world, am I supposed to say “no” just on the basis of those?

    Direct answers only, please, if you’re capable of them.

  42. Morgan,

    Thanks for not calling me a moron just for disagreeing with you. I’ll try and do the same. Unless I strongly disagree with you that is…. heh

    I’m all for great legs, but if a warthog has great legs, it’s still a warthog – in my book. Nice legs don’t make any difference if there is no substance.

    And, there is a big difference between short term results that get you re-elected, and long term results that make your district strong and healthy far into the future. That, is by big beef with the Republicans. They give away tax cuts like every day is Christmas, then when it comes time to pay the piper, it’s always someone else’s fault. For a party that built it’s reputation on fiscal responsibility; they seem far, far away from that now. If you say one thing, then do another, that makes you a liar – in my book.

    When I was in Alaska, I saw people living in houses that most wouldn’t even call houses at all; and struggling just to pay for gas to get to the next town. Unless you were on welfare or were an employee of the State – maybe 30%? I asked a lot of people, and the vast majority weren’t very keen on her to say the least, or on her policies. Not at all a scientific study; just what I gathered talking to people out on the street. Take a trip to Alaska sometime, most of it is like a third world country. I don’t think “a tar-paper shack for every family” is going to be the best campaign slogan in Southern California.



  43. Alright, well those are reasonable arguments but they’re pretty far from conclusive. Can you name a state that doesn’t have any tar paper shacks? I come from a pretty poor neck of the woods myself, and it wasn’t much of a hike to end up in neighborhoods that were poorer still. Would I blame the Governor of Washington for that? How about when I then went to Detroit. Who gets the blame for what I saw South of 8-mile road? Mayor Coleman Young and his pals…or the Governor of Michigan?

    At this point, you would have to present a whole lot of evidence if you want to argue Palin can’t run things effectively. Her record says yes…the polls have pretty much always said yes. Put it this way — her approval ratings in Alaska dipped, slightly, after McCain picked her as his running mate and then the reporters started emitting massive carbon contrails so they could go to Juneau and dig through her trash. When we had the thirty or so “ethics complaints” that were all dismissed. In other words, pursuant to an agenda…

    Compare that to the smartest man in the world we have in the White House right now, “basically God” they call Him? He’s made history with His downslide, and that’s not because of an agenda at all. That’s from the country watching His plans put into effect, seeing just how poorly equipped He really is. It’s from a sheer sense of panic. Every single problem that comes up, the solution is “Have Barry give one more really inspiring speech.” It’s gotten just freakin’ embarrassing.

    But you’re right, it isn’t about legs, it’s about ideas. Well, the folks in charge now have the idea that car exhaust is gonna kill us all, but islamic terrorism isn’t that big a deal, it needs to be renamed into “man caused disasters” or some such. Palin’s idea is more one of, no, the terrorists need to be taken care of like they’re terrorists, and as far as the environment, we’re being way too stringent in curtailing ourselves from business and that’s the real cause of our economic troubles. We’ve done it to our selves.

    Even if she had Hillary Clinton quantities of cellulite on the backs of her thighs, I’d still say Palin’s idea is closer to the truth. It’s just common sense isn’t it? You want the economy to improve…let’s stop treating the businesses like they’re the enemy. What’s Obama have to say about it? We’ll cure all our deficits if we just pass something from Congress…which He didn’t write…just the first thing to come out of there with “health” and “care” in the title. That’ll fix everything because I said so and I’m really, really, really smrt!!1!

    You keep the change. I’m tired of being told minus-one plus minus-one is plus five, and that me working for a living is the cause of all the world’s troubles while weird-beard camel fornicators are out there trying to blow up airplanes with their shoes.

    By the way, I see a new sign is circulating around the blogs that says “I can see November from my house!” So I can see why you guys are coming unglued.

  44. About 3 years from now, no one will be able to remember who Sarah Palin was. She’s strictly a “flash in the pan”. Only 18% of Republicans and 0% of Democrats think she’s presidential material. The rest think she’s actually dangerous.

  45. Yeah it’s pretty easy to say sometime before 2012 she won’t be around anymore.

    But try this: When exactly is she going away? Narrow it down to the month…or the quarter.

    Who’s banishing her? Are we all going to figure out Obama is so wonderful we should skip 2012 altogether? Things aren’t shaping up that way. Who’s a better contender than Palin? Romney? Paul? Some other white guy who can’t fill the bleachers?

    Can Obama ask people “are you better off than you were four years ago,” like Reagan was able to? Since he won’t be able to…how any people would vote to re-elect Him, just to avoid that dolt Palin? Since, as I’ve pointed out, voting a sooper-genyus into office has worked out so well for everybody.

    Time for you to face facts. Her fifteen minutes aren’t close to being up, she’s not going anywhere.

  46. I predict she will have a show on Fox “News” (big surprise there) continue to rake in huge speaking fees from dupes that continue to keep the gun-toting beauty queen fantasy alive, and then she will replace Charlton Heston (who many believe actually died more than ten years ago) as president of the NRA. Or, she will retire to her delux tripple-wide, in a gated community in Alaska called “Hopey-Changey Acres”

    But hopefuly she’ll just go away never to be heard from again.

    Seriously, is she the best you guys can come up with?

    It’s going to take a lot more than four years to dig us out of the hole that your boy GW Bush got us into. Oh yeah I forgot; it’s always someone else’s fault according to Republicans. The economy was doing just fine before Obama came along and ruined it.

    Don’t you guys have another Tea Party to attend? The adults are busy trying to figure out how to keep the rest of America from looking like Wasilla AK. “A squirrel in every pot, and two (broken down) pick-ups in every driveway”


  47. That’s pretty funny, Joe.

    Because a year and a half ago I was predicting Obama would be King Midas in reverse, everything He’d touch would turn to shit, and whenever He’d comment on any of it He’d blame it all on George Bush until pretty soon it would become sort of a maniacal facial tic. But no matter how bad His ideas were there’d always be this huge crushing dictum that we should go ahead and do it, because anyone pointing out that the idea wasn’t a good one would be instantly called a racist.

    I’m pretty sure your predictions won’t prove to be as accurate as mine were. Truth be told, I’m a little bit spooked at how incredible quick the process was.

  48. I certainly wouldn’t bet against Palin’s election to the presidency. An electorate that can elect RWW and GWB twice is capable of anything.

    And, as this thread demonstrates, the right has the vast wanker vote locked up..

  49. Hey Joe, look what Arthurstone just did. He’s shifting the whole discussion over to who’s a good person and who’s a bad person, avoiding the original subject. Actually, it’s pretty rare he has anything else to contribute about anything. You said at that other thread we all had a job of calling that out if we care about civility.

    So call it out, I’m waiting.

  50. Wanking is value-neutral Morgan.

  51. Arthur,

    Defend the ideas, if you can. The time has come to dazzle me with your superior non-wanker intellect.

  52. “Liberal women are UGLY.”

    “Defend the ideas, if you can.”

    You do it so much better than I Morgan.

    But I digress. I think Hilary Clinton is one tough woman. She has stood up to threats, smears, endless innuendo and kept on working for her principles and has become, in my view, a very good Secretary of State. Much as it will no doubt pain you it seems the United States is perceived in a much more favorable light overseas these days and the President and Secretary of State deserve credit for that transformation. Oddly enough we need friends abroad to achieve our goals and a little fence mending is in order.

  53. “Wanking is value-neutral….”

    Flaunting your expertise in this field is not value-added.

  54. I think Hilary Clinton is one tough woman.

    Conclusion without justification.

    She has stood up to threats, smears, endless innuendo…

    Stood up? People said negative things about her, mostly deserved, and she didn’t shrivel up into a little ball and whimper “I’m melting!” Hey, Palin does that every day. I’m doing it right now. We’re both prettier than Hillary. Where’s our congrats?

    …and kept on working for her principles and has become, in my view, a very good Secretary of State.

    More glittering generalities that can’t be justified. Hey, what are these principles? Embarrassing her country by presenting “reset” buttons with the wrong translation? What good things does she do as Secretary of State? It’s all really Barry’s decision isn’t it?

    Much as it will no doubt pain you…

    Ah, we have our answer. Arthur can go two sentences sticking to the point, and doing a rather sub-standard job at that, before he smears the opposition.

    …it seems the United States is perceived in a much more favorable light overseas these days…

    Qualify that, if you will please. Perceived in a favorable light by who? Who respects us now that didn’t two years ago? What can we get out of them now, that we couldn’t get out of them two years ago? Name ten.

    Oddly enough we need friends abroad to achieve our goals and a little fence mending is in order.

    Perhaps this is where the breakdown is taking place. What exactly are these goals? It must be a terribly important issue and frankly it’s a little strange that we have to wait for some guy to ask on a blog, before anybody takes the time to define what they are.

    When our President subordinates Himself by bowing to foreign dignitaries — and then insists, obviously falsely, that He didn’t really bow — what exactly does that achieve for us? How’s that help things?

    Based on what I’ve been seeing, the administration has been most effective in getting the rest of the world to like us…kind of the way a bulldog likes a pork chop. I mean, you Obama/Hillary fans do understand that all “like” is not necessarily good for us, right? Or maybe the conversation isn’t supposed to go in that direction, I dunno.

  55. Thanks Gerard. Your contributions to the field are without equal among those I have encountered:

    Over 720 full length movies and 4,939 hardcore scenes!
    Hardcore videos in 1080p HD!
    Interactive, live chat shows with REAL Penthouse Pets!
    More than 130,000 explicit nude photos!
    New full length movies and images added daily!

    And thank you Morgan for your time.

    ‘Much as it will no doubt pain you…’

    Ah, we have our answer. Arthur can go two sentences sticking to the point, and doing a rather sub-standard job at that, before he smears the opposition.

    Smear!!?? Well done Morgan. What finely tuned antennae you’ve go. Toughen up. You’re all that stands between us and bowing to Mecca several times a day.

    “Based on what I’ve been seeing, the administration has been most effective in getting the rest of the world to like us…kind of the way a bulldog likes a pork chop.”

    Conclusion without justification.

    Hey kids this is fun!

  56. Gerard! Always a pleasure. Speaking of expertise:

    Over 720 full length movies and 4,939 hardcore scenes!
    Hardcore videos in 1080p HD!
    Interactive, live chat shows with REAL Penthouse Pets!
    More than 130,000 explicit nude photos!
    New full length movies and images added daily!

    And thank you for your time Morgan.


    Nah. Toughen up. You’re all that stands between us and Islamofascism, Commienism, tyranny, ACORN and Code Pink.

    “Based on what I’ve been seeing, the administration has been most effective in getting the rest of the world to like us…kind of the way a bulldog likes a pork chop.”

    Conclusion without justification.

    Hey that’s fun! Logic 101 was a long time ago.

  57. Sorry. I got an error screen and thought the post was deleted so typed again.

    These computaters and internets still throw me.

  58. No worries, Arthur. It’s all a lot more redundant than you think.

    The lesson to take away from this, is that when we talk to our lefty friends we’re dealing a lot less with an ideological position than with a sort of a science & art to avoiding the main subject. Obviously, if Hillary is doing a great job serving as our Sec’y of State and absorbing the slings and arrows of her opposition without turning into a hag, the evidence to be dealt with would be 1) her achievements as Sec’y of State, 2) the slings and arrows and 3) her ravishing beauty.

    You seem to be engaged in a rather obsessive-compulsive grasping for any other thing under the sun you can discuss, save for those three things. I guess that’s why there’s been so much talk about the Tea Party people slinging around the N-word, and then when the accusers are called out on the carpet to produce their evidence they come up empty.

    Being a liberal means it’s always about the other guy.

  59. Well. You certainly showed me. And thanks for the aphorism.

    Just kidding.

    Speaking of grasping for ‘any other thing under the sun’ I’m impressed by your ability to take my remark about Hilary Clinton having endured years of smearing and bring it up to the very moment by describing her as a hag.

    But I’m not surprised.

    Clinton has done her job well as Secretary of State. That our long time allies in Europe and Asia respect her and the President she represents is a good thing.

    Hilary Clinton has endured years of abuse, slander and lies at the hands of political opponents and she has kept to her path and worked for her country.

    If ‘ravishing beauty’ is something one looks for in a public servant then we have far larger problems than the ‘tyranny of the majority’.

  60. Yeah, we’d do well to inspect how they managed to pull that off. Was it the tacky DVDs for the Prime Minister of the UK that got our allies to respect us? The interminable bowing? The above mentioned misspelled push button? Obama going off to play golf rather than going to the funeral of the Polish President, was that really put ’em over the top?

    This is starting to look like some of those “What has Senator Clinton accomplished” interviews that make me wince in proxy embarrassment. “Well, she’s worked really hard –” “But what has she done?” “Worked hard for the children –” “But what’s she done?”

    And here comes Arthur. “She has done her job well.”

    Specifically, what positive relationships overseas does our country enjoy now, that it didn’t have before?

    Answer solidly, or consider yourself properly flensed and fillet’d. Again.

  61. Now Morgan, charity to the afflicted.

    “She has done her job well.”

    Reflect that if Hillary’s job is defined as either “Jack” or “Shit” she has performed as designed.

  62. Well Morgan, it looks like you have quite an eloquent running mate for 2012 in ol’ vanderleun.

    I’m never going to get that time back that I just spent reading the retard-logic of you two. You owe me. Big time.

    All my best,


  63. Joe, anytime you want to get that swelling on the top of your neck lanced you can borrow my chainsaw.

  64. It’s a shame Morgan and Vanderleun won’t be running for Pres. and Vice. Those two morons would finally finish off the Republican party once and for all.

  65. Mark,

    You must be so proud of your like-minded blogworld friends. I have to say they make quite a case… for our side.

    Don’t these guys have jobs? Oh, they must be republicans…. Maybe they’re awaiting trial.

    Please, Keep it up,


  66. Actually, I’m a registered democrat. I simply fail to have a colonized mind like anybody with the nair-brained idea to call herself “Joe America.”

  67. And “mom” (you little slice of apple pie you) did you have any children you let live?

  68. Actually yes Gerard. That would be me.
    Easy… like all former liberals who have been taken in by progressivism, she means well.

  69. Actually, I am quite proud of them Joe. Like Gerard, I am also a registered democrat. Like they say, I didn’t leave the democrats, the democrats left me.

    A little thought experiment Joe. If my wife were to state that progressive men in general have better haircuts than conservative men, that they indeed spend much more time than their conservative counterparts on their looks and in her opinion were more attractive for it, would you consider her a “blatant sexist” for saying so.

    Just curious.

  70. Only in a world where this qualifies as serious thought:

    “Liberal women are UGLY.”

    Could one arrive at this conclusion:

    ‘Answer solidly, or consider yourself properly flensed and fillet’d. Again.’

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  71. Nonsense. You make worse crap up in you own colonized mind every waking second of every day.

    I note, in passing, that that the entire relevant quote is:

    This is starting to look like some of those “What has Senator Clinton accomplished” interviews that make me wince in proxy embarrassment. “Well, she’s worked really hard –” “But what has she done?” “Worked hard for the children –” “But what’s she done?”

    And here comes Arthur. “She has done her job well.”

    Specifically, what positive relationships overseas does our country enjoy now, that it didn’t have before?

    Answer solidly, or consider yourself properly flensed and fillet’d. Again.

    So you see, Arthurstone, that’s not about looks but about actual achievement.

    Keep it straight. Arthur. Focus.

  72. Thanks Gerard.

    Morgan is so busy preening he hasn’t had time to draw the knife again quite so soon. But he will.

    Still it’s nice to know you’re up to the task of caddying for him.

    Now as to real argument let us again consider:

    “Liberal women are UGLY.”

    Actually Gerard it is about looks.

  73. “Answer solidly, or consider yourself properly flensed and fellet’d. Again

    Oh man, this is like a movie filmed in Chinese with bad translation.


  74. Westsound,

    Does she really have the time to give serious consideration to which made up group of men have better haircuts? I seriously doubt she is busy right now on her own blog on how progressive men have a more developed sense of fashion and style. I can hear it now: “Are you still arguing with your imaginary blog-thing friends? Did you feed the dogs?”

    Next topic, for Christ’s sake….


  75. Well, she did call us morons, alcoholic.

    I’m sure if the time is right for her to say or do something worth bragging about, West will be right there to do the bragging.

    Meanwhile, perhaps you can fill me in. How do you define “fringe-dwelling”? Would labeling people bloodthirsty and lunatic, for simply having different opinions about things, suffice?

    Still waiting for Joe to complete West’s thought experiment.

  76. We’re presented with a conundrum here, Daphne. The fairer sex is to be treated with respect; that’s a rule. Another rule is you don’t get to enjoy any kind of immunity if you want to go on the attack…regardless of your plumbing.

    It’s the job of the fairer sex to make sure we aren’t presented with that conundrum, and behave in a way that makes you worthy of such a defense. Girls are supposed to learn this on the playground; you can’t go calling people morons and then run screaming to the yard teacher when someone retaliates.

  77. I’m not seeing where my mom got slapped or my wife sideswiped Daphne. She made a bit of a rude comment and Gerard returned the volley not realizing it was my mom, mildly I thought as the crack about surviving kids would be more insulting to me I think, and I gently told him to take it easy as it was my mother. I assure you that if I felt anyone had crossed a line I would have called them out on it.

    This has been a pretty long and particularly nasty thread and frankly with family and bloggers I both like and admire involved, I’ve been trying to step lightly. Maybe I missed something?

  78. The only thing you’ve missed is that, next to blogging, what Daphne likes best is a spanking. Which I shall administer as soon as the check clears.

  79. As I recall, gently at first but with rising intensity until the required stimulation is achieved.

  80. Please give her a whack or two for me. Gently of course.

    Eh no, she says leave a red handprint or don’t waste your time.

    Uh, er, I mean…so I’m told.

  81. I am proud, DAMNED PROUD, that the comments in this thread have finally risen to this level.

  82. Morgan, you know how I feel about my sex flagrantly tossing about abusive accusations, misogyny is one of those imaginary women-studies words in my book.

    Disrespecting another friendly blogger’s close relatives is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. That you would defend it is mildly disappointing.

    You have always been a first class gentleman in my book, Morgan. That you’d lower your high standards in a backwater brawl is disappointing.

    Not knowing “mom,” I wouldn’t say anything about her nor would I. She has my compliments for her achievement in raising a son who, according to all appearances, is capable of teaching her something.

    Mark let Gerard know at the very first available opportunity that the person under discussion was his mother. You know full well, as do I, as does Mark, that this is all Gerard needs.

    And to repeat: The distinguished matriarch did call a couple of strangers morons. It was not a friendly warning that we’d said some specific thing that might possibly make us look like morons, it was pure third-grade schoolyard name-calling and nothing else. Perhaps if she’d demonstrated a desire for a higher altitude of civility, she might’ve been accommodated. Thus far all I’ve seen her do is raise a son who is more concerned about it than she is.

    My comments stand. Ladies occupy a position of respect, and mothers certainly occupy a position of respect and power as well — but it’s the Spider Man rule, with great power comes great responsibility.

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  84. Lovely Daphne seems to have only two facets to her personality: “Spank me harder you mealy mouthed pussy, you should be ashamed of yourself for spewing your vileness and disrespecting your own brother and questioning his genius” and “Bitch slap me again you venom spewing Idiot, us womenfolk like to be slapped HARD; that’s what gets my attention”

    Oh wait, they’re both the same. Do people really find that appealing?

    Again, Ick

    Joe Bob

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  86. “Compare and Contrast | westsound modern” was
    a terrific posting, can not wait to go through much more of your blog
    posts. Time to spend numerous time on the net lmao. Thank you -Stacey

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