In 1980 I saw The Ramones play an entire set in ten minutes.

Strangely, I felt I had gotten my money’s worth.


3 responses to “In 1980 I saw The Ramones play an entire set in ten minutes.

  1. Do yourself a favor and watch the movie “End of the Century” the story of the Ramones.

    It’s not hard to discern from listening to the interviews that Johnny was universally disliked by the rest of the band. And for very good reason. He was fascinated by the Nazis and Adolf Hitler, and was quite anti-semetic. A model rabid Conservative – until the bitter end.

    Listen sometime to Bonzo goes to Bitburg. Joey wrote it in response to Johny’s support of Ronald Regan visiting a German cemetery where Nazi SS officers were buried. Johnny was a huge fan, and friend (so to speak) of the ‘ol Gipper. May they both rest in peace.


  2. Kind of a stretch to tar Reagan as a Nazi anti semetic due to Johnny Ramone being a fan don’t you think Joe? Our current Prez has referred to the virulent anti-semite Jerimiah Wright as his “spiritual mentor” and given his recent disgraceful treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister, it may be more acurate to say that Obama is more philosophically sympathetic with the Mustashioed One than the Gipper.

  3. That was you that linked Regan with the Nazis, I simply said that Johnny Ramone was fascinated with Adolf Hitlet and that he was also a fan of Ronald Regan. Johnny Ramone was a self described ultra-conservative, and kind of a jerk I might add. He grew up in a military family and maybe he just liked tough-guy role models; how do I know? He was an odd guy. However, he Sure could punish a guitar.

    I don’t think you could convince anyone that Regan was an anti-semite. That’s a good one.

    I’m no fan of Jerimiah Write either. In fact, I’m no fan of any hard line religeous political leader. I don’t care who it is: Jew, Christain, Muslem, Athiest, whatever, it doesn’t matter; If religion is their first priority, other people are going to suffer and die. Because they are going to choose their own orthodoxy over the life of someone they think of as un-chosen. Every time. I’ll say it again: religion poisons everything.

    I have a hard time believing that Obama is a big fan of Hitler. But if you say so….. I’m sure you have plenty of examples of how the Dems are the new Nazis. That’s like accusing Grover Norquist of being a “tax and spender”



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