I’m jusht gonna go to zleep for a lil while…

Oh to be young and stupid and on Spring break again. Apparently, while the young has disappeared in lifes rear view mirror, the stupid remains as I still find this sort of thing to be hilarious.

There is an old tradition among the younger fella’s when traveling in a pack, of taking advantage of a buddy’s misfortune should he be so foolish as to drink to the point of unconsciousness when in the company of friends who have also imbibed, but have fallen just short of this level of inebriation. All that is needed to partake of this tradition is copious amounts of alcohol consumed rapidly, one friend who can’t hold his liquor (there will always be at least one) , a large magic marker (any color will do although the black permanent variety packs the most bang for your buck), Some super glue and any number of  small ordinary household items that might be found in the average junk drawer (this is where you can really show off your creative side), maybe some of your girl friends clothes and unmentionables (they won’t be quite the same afterwards so make sure they are not among her favorites), and perhaps some baking supplies and kitchen condiments if you really want to push the art form to its limits.

I don’t know who did the work pictured below, but they are masters of the practice and doing a fine job of preserving a grand tradition. I can speak from personal experience that while a magic marker mono-brow and Hitler mustache can be quite embarrassing at the work place or in having dinner with the in-laws and such, it will eventually wear off given time.

Click on the images to imbiggen if you want to see how drunk young men spend their time when there are no women about.


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