Opening The Ark Of Big Government: “Now We Find Out What’s In The Bill.”

Well…the House Dem’s couldn’t help themselves and have passed their health care “reform” bill.  The upcoming mid-term election season should be a fun spectacle for those of us with a conservative or libertarian bent. If you’re like me and Indy, you might want to keep your eyes shut. 

Thanks to Morgan who gave me a laugh with his analogy this morning.


2 responses to “Opening The Ark Of Big Government: “Now We Find Out What’s In The Bill.”

  1. Westsound,

    Again, it couldn’t be any worse than it is now

    I personally know exactly 0 people that are even remotely happy with the big insurance company run “healthcare system” we have right now – and even less who feel it can keep going the direction it’s headed, without a complete collapse. The government is rarely super efficient, I’ll give you that, but compared to the out of line corporate profits and obscenely excessive CEO salaries (4-6 million a year? Come on, it’s really not that hard to make money in a fish-in-a-barrel racket like health care insurance) Ill gladly take a little bit of inefficiency in exchange for removing profiteering from that end of the equation. I’m 100% for a company making money, and making a good profit, by developing and selling a medical machine or new procedure, training people in that field, or even providing a medical service; but as far as I can tell, all insurance companies really do is manage the cost control end of it – all the while skimming boatloads of money out of the system and into private hands, or privately held investments. It would be like having one out of every 100 county, city or state workers embezzling $5,000,000 a year. How long do you think that “system” would be viable? Personally, I believe there is no justification for simple billing companies and statisticians to be making the kind of money they are at present. Again, they are not providing a legitimate service when it comes to providing healthcare; they’re just skimming money off the top.

    Maybe the opposition to healthcare reform would rather have seen the casino industry take over healthcare; at least then there would be absolutely no mistake as to who is getting screwed, and who is recieving a service in the system. Next thing you know insurance companies will have off-shore bank accounts, or be accused of hiding their assets….. Just imagine that.


  2. Or maybe the opposition to *this* health care reform would have been happier if instead of huge swathes of economy destroying nanny statism smaller chunks could have been dealt with. Like real insurance reform, tort reform, insurance portability… There are some pieces of this that are even good ideas and don’t blow up the deficit or make us further wards of the state. But they are going to be overshadowed by the humongous parts that are nothing but pure taxation and the creation of a society completely dependent on the government.

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