Ski Vacation!

I’m heading for Schweitzer Mountain Idaho Saturday. I started skiing at ten, spent much of my twenties working at Colorado ski resorts and am fairly confident in my ability to handle most any hill, but I’m 52 years old and haven’t strapped the planks on in about five years so if you’re of the churchy sort, please include me in your prayers.

If I bust something, I’ll be expecting you all to cyber sign my cast.


5 responses to “Ski Vacation!

  1. Don’t worry, they stopped making Raichle “red snappers” Salomon 404’s and Head 360 skiis more than a few years ago. It’s not as safe as selling real estate (or blogging) but it’s a lot better than it used to be. And you rarely get carpal tunnel syndrome from skiing – or from drinking in the lodge bar.

    Have fun,


  2. Thanks guys!
    That’s funny Joe. I had a pair of 360’s and 404’s when I was about 18. They were constructed of laminated metal and each weighed about as much as a truck tire!

    Last time I skiied was my first time using the shaped ski technology and they just about ski themselves. I was a little skeptical of the shorter lengths at first but I didn’t catch an edge and bite it the whole week I was on them.

  3. When shaped skis first came out I thought: Yeah right, a ski is a ski – you can make any old ski turn if you’re a good enough skiier. Well, I’m here to tell you the last quantum leap of ski technology really was a major advanceme in making it possible for old geezers (like ourselves) to ski like we are twenty again. I’m sure you’ve heard this before; but the one small bit of advice I could give an old school skiier is stay straight over the balls of your feet, always – always. You don’t have to drive against the front of your boots at all; you just roll your knees, and the ski turns itsellf… like magic. In fact, I think that’s it, modern skis are now filled with magic dust; like the HO water skis in the 80’s – only with magic, uh, dust…. not cocane…

    Like you’re carrying a lunch tray…..always. Have fun,


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