Today in the “No Shit Shlomo” department:

Hamas declares a Day of Rage in response to the restoration of a synagogue in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem destroyed during the 1948 war of independence.

Hindu’s have their “Festival of Color”. Christian’s their Easter. Jew’s Passover. It is only fitting I suppose that the Muslim’s of Jerusalem celebrate the freedom to practice their religion in the state of Israel, a freedom notably absent virtually everywhere Mussulmen enjoy a majority of the population, with a day devoted to rage. How this day is different to them from the other 364 of the year escapes me for the moment but in the interests of multiculturalism and religious diversity, Westsoundmodern salutes Islamist Rage Boy!

Congratulations IRB! After years of toiling unappreciated in the shadows, you finally have a day of your own.

H/T  Tigerhawk


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