I’m not laughing with you…I’m laughing at you

In days not long past, a politician of this caliber would be dragged into the street, tied to a rail, painted with a tar brush and feathered liberally, then dropped in a remote location to wonder the countryside incoherently while being pelted with whatever refuse his “constituents” had at hand. That we don’t perform this simple ritual on our elected representatives from time to time at this late date in history suggests that we as a people have not only lost our sense of outrage, but our sense of humor as well. What could be funnier than seeing this facsimile of a man running down Pennsylvania Avenue stripped and looking like a half plucked chicken dodging garbage and rotten fruit while clucking “Today is a big day in America!”

Nobody knows how to have fun anymore.


12 responses to “I’m not laughing with you…I’m laughing at you

  1. You’re right. What he said IS funny. Especially if you’re ignorant enough not to know how many were lost before that as a result of the colossal, mammoth dump that Bush/Cheney took on the economy over the course of 8 years.

    If Reid should be dragged through the street, what the hell should be done to Jim Bunning? Public lynching?

  2. Boozehound!
    I’ve missed your flacid, pedestrian analysis.
    Where’ve you been, flogging your blow up George Bush doll with your “Obama is #1” foam finger?

  3. You know, a comment like the one made by westsoundmodern is exactly what I would expect from some idiot like Rush Limbaugh, not from a supposidly “informed” individual like you claim to be. That my friend, is a name calling reaction, to a semi-dumb statement, in reaction to your super-dumb un-constructive, ignorant statement. Name calling is for children and bullies. Or, I guess childish adult bullies……

    So come on, move past the name calling and making fun of people, and say something with real meaning. Or just keep it to yourself and go on with your bitter and isolated life.

    And yes, I did call Rush Limbaugh an Idiot. That’s not name calling, it’s just a fact – and I challenge you refute that.


  4. Challenge accepted Joe!
    I will use your obviously superior method of reasoning. Ready? Rush Limbaugh is not an idiot. Wow, my brain really hurts. Arguing using such a high level of logic is hard!

    Now, if you don’t mind, I will get on with my bitter and isolated life. I think I’ll get started this afternoon helping to coach some of the kids on my two boys Babe Ruth teams.

    Oh, call me a bully again and I’ll take your lunch money.

  5. Westsound,

    At first I was going to list off the many reasons and examples it is obvious to any person with half a brain why Rush Limbaugh is in fact an Idiot, but then I saw your clever come back about taking my lunch money if I called you a Bully again and thought; why even bother. Reading your posts it’s safe to assume that you both share the same ability to ignore addressing the subject and offering up some sort of valid argument supported by facts, but instead just jump straight to the safe route of trying to make fun of the statement in general; then re-interjecting your sad attempt at trying to make up for a powerless youth by reinventing yourself as a “tough guy – ie conservative” adult Bully. No one was impressed then; no one is impressed, or takes people like that seriously now. Except of course, the kind of person that relates to, and shares traits with, a total Buffoon like Rush Limbaugh. Bullies get their ass kicked in the real world – personally, or nationalisticlly.

    Yeah, get on with your “non-isolated” life – helping coach your kids baseball team…. Or should you feed your horses… Or have another Martini…. Or, read another self-supporting blog, then provide us with the link to help you validate your narrow, ethnocentric view of the world.


  6. Mark doesn’t seem to feel the need to ban folks who disagree with his politics.

  7. Daphne,

    I want Arthurstone back on your blog. And i’m going to start a campaign to convince all “thousand” of them to join me. Oh wait, I can’t find them – because they are probably holed up in their bunker somewhere in Montana. heh

    Actually, Ive never read your blog Daphne. Or should I call you Sweetheart? I’m kind of afraid to for fear that you would “ban” me for life for disagreeing with you.

    Ugly-ly yours,


    If that doesn’t get you to turn off Fox “News” and get a reaction/comment on my ideological extremism out of you, nothing will. heh

    PS: You should see my house; it’s totally infested with Liberals. It’s positively lousy with ’em.

  8. Daphne,

    I just noticed that you responded.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to call you a sycophant: That was before I read some of the posts you wrote on your blog. I meant to call you a bitter Harpy, full of rage and anger. A truly hateful person from everything I can see. When I can actually follow your disjointed senseless rantings, it is so filled with anger and bitterness that it is truly exhausting to read.

    And, you are the worst kind of conservative; or right winger, or teabagger, or neo-con, or person, or what ever you call yourself; You seem to be a total and complete hypocrite – through and through. And, no one in their right mind will ever read you as more than a self-serving means of validating their own bitter, hate filled, isolated lives. I can’t imagine reading your blog daily. How depressing, if in fact there are 1,000 people who read what you have to say every day.

    You were so “on it” accusing that Arthurstone guy of not being able to argue without being ugly, all the while calling me a Bastard, I have ugly attributes, and I’m bile filled…….
    And that was just in your quick response on someone else’s blog. I had to stop reading your own blog after only about twenty entries because it just got too horrible thinking that there are people like you walking the street, masquerading as functioning citizens.

    Westsound (Mark): Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest after reading Daphne’s hate filled response to me on your blog – and then after reading her blog. Holy smokes! What a bitter hate-filled person. Just my opinion; take it or leave it.

    Thanks for tolerating me Mark; I may be passionate about my positions and beliefs, but please don’t ever let me sound like that woman.



    • She’s passionate about her beliefs Joe and doesn’t suffer fools quietly or gently. She has an opinion and lets it fly without regard to ruffling feathers. If you see that as ugly or hate filled, that’s your issue. To be honest, you came across just as you describe until we both settled down a bit and started debating rather than throwing rocks at each other. She is a peach as far as I am concerned and has been a good friend.

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