Greasy Spoon


Fat Smittys. Intersection of State Highway 20 and U.S. 101, Discovery Bay, Wa.

I like food. All kinds of food. Mild, spicy, pedestrian or exotic, I’ve tried most all and generally have a favorable opinion of nearly everything that is dropped on a plate and served to me with a smile and request to “let me know if you need any thing else hon”. Whether dining at posh eateries where the portions can be mistaken for tiny exquisite watercolors painted on the surface of your plate, or in a back alley taqueria in Baja in which you hope that the spice being added to the “meat” served by the sweaty undershirt clad attendant is not meant to cover up the fact that it has been left out in the hot Mexican sun a bit too long, if it passes a pretty basic taste test then it’s all good as far as I am concerned. I had heard that the establishment pictured above serves one of the best roadhouse burgers around and I made the forty five minute trip into Jefferson county yesterday to try one out.

Burger Nirvana.  

I’ll skip the details of how they prepare the “Fat Smitty” except to say that it involves large amounts of thick hand cut bacon, a fried egg over easy on top, and is not much smaller than the facsimile burger seen out front carved from a Douglas fir log. If any of you out there on the inerwebs find yourself traveling 101 in this neck of the woods, I highly recommend you stop and try a “Fat Smitty”. Wash it down with a roadie or two and then hit the road.

Oh yeah…as you head groggily back out onto 101, watch out for the logging trucks.  Chances are the drivers have their own supply of roadies under the seat and they don’t slow down for tourists.


11 responses to “Greasy Spoon

  1. I’m totally down with anything edible called a Fat Smitty……

  2. It was dang good Andy. Worth the drive although I’m having a bit of a “beef hangover” this morning.

  3. Sounds awesome! I love greasy spoons!

  4. On my list for when I make my escape. Seems to be about 3 hours away allowing for ferry time. Humm, if I start at around 10 I can make it for lunch. And then there’s Port Ludlow. Sounds like a day trip.

  5. I thought the idea of a fried egg on a burger was ridiculous – until I tried it. Holy Jesus.

  6. Three hours sound about right from the shores of Lake Union.

    Port Ludlow is over rated IMHO. Unless you’re one of those golfers…or a yachtsman. You do have a yacht don’t you. You won’t be welcome if you’re not wearing Topsiders or Sans-a-Belt slacks. The restaurant there is supposed to serve pretty good fare. A bit more highbrow than Fat Smitty’s I hear.

    Give me a heads up when you make the trip and I’ll buy the fat burgers, or provide you a used pair of deck shoes.

  7. That sounds sooooooooo good, my stomach is busy growling up a storm right now. It hates the spring starvation diet I put it on every year.

    There is a whole lotta stuff going on at the front of that joint. Awesome kitsch.

  8. And which ferry would be best to use?

  9. Just so happens I wear a size 12. I’m short on Sans-A-Belt slacks just now however.

    Bainbridge boat is best from downtown.

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