Sneak Attack!

I should know better than to open Iowahawk first thing in the morning with a mouthful of coffee.

Mopping off keyboard now.


One response to “Sneak Attack!

  1. Yeah you’re right, racism is funny.

    Way more funny than the US auto manufacturers running themselves into the ground with short sighted financial mismanagement, horrible designs and poor engineering. Then looking to the taxpayer to bail them out yet again.

    I guess we should have let GM die on the vine; Then we could all be driving German, Japanese or Chinese cars, and enjoy our ever growing trade deficit (and our ever growing debt to China to bail us out)

    The World (as is life) is really quite complicated and interdependent. Much more complicated and interdependent and than some blogger sitting on his couch, bleeting away at a keyboard ever cares to admit.

    It’s so much more “entertaining” to just criticise and make fun of the difficult issues at hand – like Rush Limbaugh the “entertainer” ie: Buffoon


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