I dont care who you are…this is funny.

President Me! The Musical.

Now playing at PJTV. Why not register to view their other steller offerings? Won’t cost ya nuthin’.


4 responses to “I dont care who you are…this is funny.

  1. Ah yes. The psychotics at Pajamas Media.

    Here’s another of their gifted contributors hard at it.

  2. Well…that’s painting with a rather broad bush isn’t it my progressive friend? Psychotics? Most of the contributors there are former democrat’s, still consider themselves as liberal as a matter of fact, and are pretty tolerant in their social views and the like, they’re just not leftists. So I guess what you’re saying is “disagree with me and you are suffering from a mental disorder”. My…how Liberal of you.

    Geller isn’t really my cup of tea but I thought she came off rather well against the bufoonery of Joy and Jr.

    Ron Reagan Jr. calling Sarah Palin a moron? Self awareness is obviously not one of his strong suits. What has he ever accomplished in life other than failure as a dancer and being the son of Ronald Reagan. Even Frank Sinatra Jr. could carry a tune…in a fashion.

    To paraphrase R.Lee Emery in Full Metal Jacket, I think the best part of him, as with all leftists, ran down the crack of his mama’s ass.

    And I say that with all due respect.

  3. I was ‘jesting’ Mark. Though Geller’s rant, a regular feature of Pajamas Media could reasonably be considered unhinged. I particularly enjoy Pammie lecturing Ron about his father, a man she never, ever met.

    But then of course reasonableness is in astonishingly short supply in Geller’s world. And that is a great part of her popularity.

    Now that bit about ‘leftists’…jest or a stab at tough guy?

  4. I wouldn’t go as far as to say Geller was lecturing Jr. about his father other than as to his political philosophy. It is fair to say I think that while Ron Sr. most likely was not ashamed of his son as a human being, he may have been of his political views. As I am sure Jr. is probably ashamed of his father’s view’s.

    I think it was a cheap shot and intellectually dishonest of him to pull the “you’ve never met him so you can’t have an opinion” ploy. You’ve never met George Bush but I imagine you have a different opinion of him than that of his family members.

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