Seattle’s Finest

Security guards who stood idly by while girl beaten lauded by sheriffs office for following the rules.

King County Sheriff’s Sgt. John Urquhart said the guards were right to follow their training.

”If you’re a bank teller and you do something other than give them the money, you’re going to get fired,” Urquhart said. ”We don’t expect civilians to take police action. In this case, it was a violent fight, and they were outnumbered by this pack of people 3-to-1.”

Which begs the question, why hire security guards at all? Or cops for that matter judging by their earlier response to the victims request for assistance. Mandatory conceal and carry for every citizen I say.

Do it for the children.


13 responses to “Seattle’s Finest

  1. There is a point at which you take off the security badge and act as a human being. What if they had killed her? I’m not sure I could look myself in the eye in the mirror for the rest of my life knowing that my inaction due to the terms of a contract kept me from helping a fellow human being in need.

  2. Yes indeed.

    Everyone packing heat would certainly make the nation a better place.

    Actual shootings would certainly trump video of mere beatings.

  3. As usual Arthur you miss the point of the post and righteously tear into my little tongue in cheek humor at the end.

    If security guards are not allowed to provide…you know…security, why do they exist? The criminals surely know that they will do nothing to interfere in their predations so the only reason for them appears to be to provide a sense of false security to the public at large.

    While my statement requiring citizen’s to pack heat was mostly in jest, if more people in our cities would train themselves to use and carry firearms responsibly we probably wouldn’t be subject to quite as much of this kind of behavior from those who know there will be no immediate consequence for kicking a girl unconscious in broad daylight in the middle of Westlake fucking Center. I promise you that if this had happened where I live the consequences would have been immediate and severe for the attacker. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who would kick an unconscious girl in the head repeatedly deserves the kind of justice that any armed or unarmed law abiding citizen passing by saw fit to administer, whether an “actual shooting” or just a well deserved beating in return.

  4. “I promise you that if this had happened where I live the consequences would have been immediate and severe for the attacker.”

    I know the real estate market is way off but I’m sorry you’re reduced to living in a bus stop.

    And Daphne.

    Thanks for the drive by.

    Kind of chickens**t though.

  5. Charming as always Arthur.
    No hard feelings though. If by chance I witness you being beaten by a group of thugs in a dark alley someday, you can count on me to alert the authorities.

  6. Oh come off it. This is a sickening record of an awful crime. No one disputes that.

    Not opting to arm the entire population with handguns is hardly condoning attacks like the one on video.

    Violence is a serious problem in any large American city.

    And all of us armed to the teeth isn’t a real solution.

  7. I thought we had covered that my statement requiring everyone to carry was said in jest Arthur, but you go ahead hysterically building your strawmen and then righteously tearing them down. It’s about the only thing you leftists do well.

  8. Daphne didn’t seem to think your remarks were in ‘jest’.

  9. Hey!
    Nobody strokes it off to you in my house except for me Daphne!

  10. Don’t flatter yourself Daphne. It’s good to live in hope to be sure.

    And thanks for further insight into the tiny minded.


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