New Look! Same Low Price!!


I’m fiddling around with a new blog theme. It has been brought to my attention that the white font against black background is a bit hard on the eyes so let me know what you think.


9 responses to “New Look! Same Low Price!!

  1. Now see here. Look around the world and back into history. Do you see newspapers with white/gray/blue/puce fonts on black. Damn few and only for a modest graphic effect from time to time. When it is used it is called “drop out type” and it is usually only used for a short while for what art directors like to call “impact.” The eye can only take so much impact before it tires. The reason black on white is used is because everybody over the fargin centuries has discovered its the best for a clear and lucid reading experience.

    Now if you were just a color photography page and all you posted were color photographs I’d say a background in the middle grays was fine. But you are a writer and we assume writers want to be read. Long blocks of white text on black do not get read. I spent a long time in books and magazines and saw other forms tried again and again and they never work past a paragraph.

    Even illustrations in general work better with a white background. Look at the illo above. It is centered in black but looks awkward because in this case we see where the white ends. This makes the “NEW” graphic seem as if it is behind the plane of the screen instead of on it or “exploding” from it. It constrains the graphic and tightens it. If you want to constrain a graphic on the page it’s better to put a hairline rule around it. This is easily done if you’ve a mac and a program called Graphic Converter.

    Short form: Captions and break-out graphs are ok in black on white. If you’re going to go longer than that, you gotta get traditional.

    Of course, that’s just my professional opinion. I could (not) be wrong.

    Good typographic elements do not stand out. They disappear into the reading experience.

  2. Ok Ok,I give! Not crazy about my wordpress theme options with black on white but sacrifices must be made for my ten’s of readers!

    Thanks for the tips Gerard. I’ll keep playing around with it.

  3. I came by last night and saw the new scheme and thought “It’s about god damned time.” But I’m an asshole like that.

    Looks great, Mark.

  4. Sheesh! I feel like the guy trying my lines out at the bar discovering at the end of the evening he has a big booger lodged on the end of his nose.

  5. Thank God the black background is gone!

    I thought I was gonna go blind trying to read your longer posts.

    Honestly, you’re the only blogger working that I was willing to read with the white on black template – everyone else has gone straight into the garbage.

    If you’re open to suggestions? Change your font and maybe go up a point, it’s not easy on the eyes, either.

    And make your header bigger, it looks skimpy. The title, too.

    Love ya’ much, Mark.

  6. Who loves ya?

  7. Thanks everybody!
    Who new you needed night vision goggles to read this stuff?

  8. Call me crazy, Mark– but I liked the white-on-black theme, and I’m only a month younger than Gerard. I will, however, stipulate that half the menus in this city are printed with too little contrast between type and background, and are impossible to read in the usual dim light.

    But no problem reading your old site. I thought it was kinda classy–

  9. I liked the look of the layout as well Al but I guess it’s kind of like a few modern design chairs I’ve had over the years. They look great but don’t sit very well! I’ll defer to Gerard’s expertise on this one.

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