Laugh and the world will laugh with you…

In light of this short comment by Jonah Goldberg at the corner via instapundit (caution, link whoring in progress… please watch your step), I thought I would repost something from a few months ago. At the time, I assumed that anger would follow the laughter. On further reflection, laughter, and only laughter, is the best medicine.


Is it just me or are people starting to laugh at the claims made by Obama and the Dems, that in order to save our economy we must spend wheel barrow loads of borrowed money to adopt every pet leftist project to come down the pike in the last forty years. From the by now obviously mis-named “stimulus” package to the recent reticence of the Dems to follow their fearless leader into the neverland of socialized medicine, more and more people are starting to notice, and instead of getting upset they are shaking their heads and laughing derisively, realizing that again they have been had by a smooth talking pol.

It has been my experience that leaders can overcome many things in the course of their tenure. Laughter of the sort I’m starting to hear from independents and conservative democrat friends who cautiously supported Obama in the hope that he would bridge the differences between conservatives and liberals and usher in a new bi-partisan politics is not one of them however. This sort of self deprecating sour humor, the ” I can’t believe they screwed me again” attitude that I’m seeing will quickly enough turn to disgust and then anger. I would feel better about this phenomenon if I thought that the Republican party was in any position to take advantage of this so far small but growing populist backlash, but they are generally as corrupt as the party currently in power.

They say that power abhors a vacuum and will rush to fill it. If this backlash of center left and center right represents any significant amount of people then it will represent power. The run up to the 2010 midterms should be interesting indeed.


5 responses to “Laugh and the world will laugh with you…

  1. Well, the Republicans *did* laugh out loud at Teh One’s budget freeze to happen next year – because that’s what budgeting is, yanno. I hope people who don’t pay much attention to politics on any given day are laughing at these schemes as well and will vote accordingly.

  2. Actually it pretty much is just you.

    And a few fellow tea bagger types amplified beyond reason by the right wing blogosphere.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Sorry about your house.

  3. Can you hear me laughing Arthur?
    Buh bye now.

  4. No, Arthur, it is a whole lot of people laughing now, and many others trying not to. I am surrounded by ‘blue-staters’ wherever I go in my environment, and the reactions to President Teleprompter run the gamut from ridicule to disgust or disappointment, with cycnicism being the most common reaction. Nowhere in that range did I notice unequivocal support or entusiasm.

    Buyers remorse with a vengeance.

  5. Yep, Arthur, it’s just a handful of flat earthers and Civil War reenactors. Keep telling yourself that, son.

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