My Sixth Grade Science Project: By Albert Gore Jr.


Interesting project Junior. Perhaps you should concentrate your academic efforts to the Drama Dept. from here on out.

In this post at American Thinker, Andrew Thomas presents the theory of anthropogenic global warming as a sixth grade science fair project. As anyone who has been following the revelations regarding comically inadequate computer codes used to model “climate change”, manufactured and missing data at the IPCC, NASA, NOAA , and most recently outright fraud by the “scientists” pushing this theory, it should come as no surprise that young Albert’s project was not only presented with a failing grade, but with the realization that some people by their nature are just not suited to the serious realm of the hard sciences and that perhaps their true talent lies elsewhere.

Cheer up Albert. There is nothing wrong with the drama department. Acting is a perfectly honorable, though somewhat silly I must confess, profession for a man of your breeding and background. I know your father wanted you to be President but at some point you must follow your bliss and become what destiny has determined is your calling.

Chicks dig drama majors and who knows, there may even be an Academy Award in your future.

Image courtesy of photoshop sensei Carol at Mako Snark.


10 responses to “My Sixth Grade Science Project: By Albert Gore Jr.

  1. I sure hope you have a lot of money invested in oil companies, or have a doctorate in climate science.

    Because if the answer to both questions is ‘no’, then it just makes me sad that you’re so willing to act as a corporate mouthpiece for no real gain to yourself (other than the smug self-satisfaction that washes over the ignorant when they get to put some of those ‘eggheads’ in their place). Plus, to also have the nerve to question 99.9999% of scientific conclusion based on nothing more than the partisan over-reactions of those who ARE getting rich by keeping everyone confused and acting like this is not settled science? That takes balls, my friend.

    You see, I actually went ahead and got a degree in Climate science, and, assuming there are things you are an educated expert in, I’m sure it would annoy you more than a little bit if there were a large group of talking-point parroting bloggers that arrogantly dismiss everything you spent years learning and instead blindly accept the words of someone like Andrew Thomas, even though both American Thinker and his other blog, ‘Dark Angel’, offer NO CREDENTIALS WHATSOEVER for him.

    If the right wing blog community had existed during the time of Newton, I’m sure we’d all still be arguing about how Sir Isaac is just trying to make money off this whole ‘gravity’ nonsense, and telling us we can jump off tall buildings as much as we want.

  2. Wow. 99.9999%? I suspect you just pulled that statistic out of your ass, but then I’m a skeptic like that. You know…like scientists are supposed to be. By beating the “consensus” dead horse you merely reveal yourself to be a defender of the status quo rather than a seeker of provable scientific fact. Kind of like the powers that be that attempted to brand Newton as a dangerous heritic presicely because he went against the status quo of the times.

    Perhaps you should ditch that climate science degree of yours and get into something that better suits your talents. New age lifestyle coach or paranormal investigator come to mind.

  3. You’re right. It takes a pretty bold ‘skeptic’ to side with multi-billion dollar oil companies.

    New age lifestyle coach? Boy, you sure got me there. I guess ‘granola-eating tree hugger’ and ‘Sissy science faggot’ were being used in other arguments somewhere…

  4. Bad bad oil companies!
    Being a northwest native, some of my best friends are tree huggers. And I very much admire scientists who actually practice a diciplined skepticism in their work, faggoty or otherwise.

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  6. “And I very much admire scientists who actually practice a diciplined skepticism in their work, faggoty or otherwise.”

    Eh, not me. I don’t like my faggots to be scientific at all. They tend to get uppity and insist on getting to “be the man this time” a little too often.

  7. next thing you know the “faggoty scientists” will want to marry other “faggoty scientists”. The horror.

    And we all know you are selling your beach front property cause you are really a true believer of the Gore doctrine, cuz.

  8. The house is off the market cuz, now that it won’t be low bank frontage in five years! Damn Global warming deniers. They’ve screwed up my get rich quick in real estate schemes.
    Faggoty scientists, dogs and cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA!!

  9. it’s off the market?!? I’ve been saving for months!

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