The Art of Salesmanship.

When new consumer protection laws ran guys like this out of business in the 70’s they didn’t go away, they simply learned how to lie more effectively and went into politics.

NSFW language but nobody’s got a job these days so WTF.


4 responses to “The Art of Salesmanship.

  1. Yawn. What a tired old saw. This has been the sentiment among the lazy, disconnected and ‘woe is us’ crowd since about 1781 by my calculation.

    All politicians are crooks/liars/scoundels/etc. etc.

    Let’s you off the hook doesn’t it?

    So why don’t you run for elected office?

    Nice to see you’ve picked up where you left off.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I’ve missed you Arthur. Been feeling pretty optimistic these days but lacking balance. It’s good of you to draw my eye back to the underside of the table where used gum and old leftists like yourself grow stale and remain forever unchanged and undisturbed .

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