May Rev. Robertson recieve a severe case of burning genital warts, forever and ever amen.

How is it that Pat Robertson manages to stay in the public eye instead of a padded cell? He is quite obviously shit house rat crazy. Here is yet another example of his brand of oh so compassionate Christian mercy. Tens of thousands dead and it’s all their own fault for their ancestors making a deal with the devil at the crossroads. This gigantic buffoon will have a lot of ‘splainin to do when he at long last meets his maker.

Hey! That reminds me of my all time favorite TV preacher, Dallas Texas’ own Robert Tilton. Take a look at that set. Now I know where Obama rented his inaugural address cardboard temple.


4 responses to “May Rev. Robertson recieve a severe case of burning genital warts, forever and ever amen.

  1. Before you get to worked up about Rev. Pat and the Haitians, you might want to read this short piece:

  2. Interesting take RJL.
    As is usual these days, the video of Robertson’s actual statement is quite a bit less inflamatory than the CNN report would lead you to believe. I don’t know whether the Hatians made a pact with the devil or not to escape French rule but I would argue that the sorry state of that Island has more to do with the rule of Papa Doc than any metaphysical negotiation. Depends on your definition of the devil I guess. I’m not a particularly religious man but the circumstances that the people of Haiti have had to endure could cerftainly be described as Satanic by those who believe.

  3. Me and The Keez were in a bar in Biloxi and extremely loaded one night. For whatever reason, Cookie the bartender had Tilden on the TV.

    We took a handful of quarters off the pool table and made our way to the pay phone.

    We got through once, but their answers to our line of questioning was not satisfactory for a vow. Imagine our surprise when his phone bank blocked our follow up calls.

  4. He’s a piece of work alright.
    It was my favorite reality show before there were reality shows.

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