How hard can it be…

In tribute to the deeply deep, and thoughtful, and philosophic blogger Charles Johnson, I thought I would take a crack myself at posting some ordinary photographs with vaguely zen sounding titles just so everyone knows that I am a very, very, very… very… deep… and thoughtful… and… philosophic… blogger in my own right. If the …’s haven’t yet convinced you, I humbly submit:


LGF Comment Section


If you back pedal fast enough, you will disappear up your own arse.


Cycle of Violins


 String instrument. Kinda Euro looking. Very sophisticated.


White Crescents of Hatred


Like those other twin monuments to Whiteness, they never fail to insinuate themselves into the public sphere where they are most definitely not welcome to us tolerant types.


To Andrew


Um… I think we all know what’s going on here.


Oasis of Doom

One Camel killed for each commenter banned.


LGF Canyon Master 3000


When sporting a wind-blown ponytail and a weak chin, the rider appears to be going somewhere faster than he actually is on this model.




I’m not really sure what this is but it looks every bit as nice as one of those fence posts silhouetted against the horizon. On a Wednesday.



Yin & Yang


Ok, so this isn’t really a photo but when my Yang rubs up against my bike’s Yin, it makes me want to ban anyone having the temerity to post an independent thought to my comments section.



Tuesday Tanker

Going… going… gone.


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