What was I thinking?!

What with all of the holiday hubub, I have just realized that while all my blogging pals have posted heart felt Christmas sentiments on their sites this past week, I have left up a video of Jack Bauer threatening Santa with a knife. Nice.

I hope that in some way this makes up for my thoughtlessness.


21 responses to “What was I thinking?!

  1. I would call this a good first step on the road to redemption.

  2. Porn? PORN?!

    This is a beautiful Ethiopian woman with…her titties exposed…ok, I cop.
    Bronchitis, bathrobe, unshaven…that’s what I’m doing today. Same kind of weather up here. Rain, 34 degrees. BLECH!

    How was your Christmas kid?

  3. Can’t wait to read it. I got a jug of Maker’s Mark for Christmas that I’ve been nursing so I’m with ya on the Bourbon front.

    Congrats on your nomination by Dennis the Peasant as best writer on the intertubes by the way. That guy’s a grouch but he’s funny as hell and knows talent when he see’s it!

  4. Now Daphne, give the boy a break! He has to keep up with the Maggie’s Farm guys, after all….

  5. God damn I hate those smiley faces.

    You were banned from Maggies farm? Here I thought they were regular guys. Queen bee? Is that the foul woman who came between us Daphne? I learned a thing or two about trying to be reasonable with a twat didn’t I!

  6. My mistake.
    Starchy crotch. You do have a way with words.

  7. I’ve got half a fifth of bourbon down and it’s not even 7:30. Preceeded by a bottle of good red wine at a late lunch.
    Don’t tell me I’m not drinking enough.

  8. Wookies are sexy if dressed properly.

  9. I was feeling none too good the day after.

  10. On top of the hangover, my brochitis took a turn down pnumonia road.
    Looks like I’ll be starting 2010 flat on my back looped on codine cough syrup.

  11. I hope you’re taking a nice z-pac as a chaser.

    I’ve been knocking back the codeine and aspirin for two days now, I expect I’ll be visiting the doctor come Monday for the same crap.

    It’s a bitch getting old.

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