A light at the end of the tunnel?

Not according to this guy. It is instead a big, fast moving train coming directly toward us.

The other day neo-neocon posted some thoughts on how tyranny could happen in this country under the Obama administration. The post featured some well reasoned observations by a commenter at belmont club that while seemingly fantastic and honestly a bit paranoid sounding at first glance, we would do well to at least consider given the tendencies of human beings to ruthlessly attempt the acquisition of power over others throughout our long and bloody history.

Great change in democracies can only come about in the presence of great crisis. History has shown this. To those who have studied the background and ideological influences of our 44th President, it is no secret that Obama and many in his administration share a belief in this observation and have plainly stated that a crisis should never go to waste. While the economic downturn of the previous year has been spun by many politicians and pundits as the “worst economy since the great depression”, a quick look around will tell you that although things are a little tougher now than they have been for  quite a while, anyone who is old enough or has spoken to anyone old enough to have actually gone through the great depression would scoff at the idea that we are currently going through anything remotely similar to what befell this nation in the 1930’s.

Consider the prognostications behind the link at the top of this post and then think about what could happen if this country suffers a full on economic meltdown. Obama would have his crisis. Then consider the what if’s of belmont clubs commenter. Hope…Change.

Change in and of itself is a meaningless term. Only when that change starts to reveal itself as reality do we know whether it will be an opening that will provide an escape from the tunnel we find ourselves trapped in, or if it is instead a speeding locomotive bearing down on us with know where to run. If it is indeed a locomotive, what would you offer the engineer to stop the train and save you, your friends, your family.

Almost anything I would think.


3 responses to “A light at the end of the tunnel?

  1. Here’s one of the ‘well reasoned’ observations;

    “There is nothing in his actions as far as he is known (Buraq Hussein Obama); politically, avocationally, or in his life history that would indicate that he has any love, affection, or respect for this country, its Constitution, its laws, or its people.”

    …and then a bunch of stuff about how he’s going to don a turban, ride a giant horse through the Capitol building and raise the star and crescent flag while leading the morning call to muslim prayer…

    SEEMINGLY fantastic and paranoid? Do you consider Poland in the 1930s a seemingly bad place to have been Jewish? Is the Pope seemingly catholic? Did the Seahawks seemingly have a disappointing season?

    There’s nothing even remotely well reasoned about any of that. Frankly, it sounds like the work of someone holed up in a bunker burning his underwear because it’s amplifying the signals the aliens are using to steal his dreams….

  2. It’s interesting Boozehound that you would use 1930’s Poland as an example against hyperbole. If the majority of Jews in Eastern Europe had heeded the warnings of the “seemingly fantastic and paranoid” few who understood the dark paths that can be taken by a well meaning populace in the face of crisis, perhaps the madness that over took Europe in the 1940’s could have been avoided. Was 1930’s Poland a bad place to have been a Jew? In hindsight it most certainly was. In 1920’s Poland however, I imagine any predictions that the thriving Jewish community there would in the space of twenty years be rounded up and systematically exterminated would have been regarded as “the work of someone holed up in a bunker burning his underwear…”

    If the history of human civilization teaches us anything, it is the realization that we seem to consistently exceed expectations in the brutality we are capable of in the service of one ideology or another. I’m not making any predictions Boozehound, just that this dark side of human nature should be at least considered. Particularly when a figure of such messianic appeal as Obama assumes power.

  3. If this country suffered a full economic meltdown, there would be mass panic. Most of the country has nothing left like the spine that saw Americans through the Great Depression. There are weak people everywhere and in every time, but without trying to be hubristic, it does seem as though we have a surplus of them these days. People who want the world to be handed to them – nay, expect it. I think most areas would get through okay, but major coastal cities? /shudder

    And by okay I don’t mean bed of roses, I mean survive to fight another day. I can easily see Rodney King Riot scenarios in major coastal cities though. I’m still not able to see them as Escape from New York type hellholes, but I won’t completely discount such possibilities either, especially in places like Detroit. They are already partially there with the city center being a big hole no one wants to go in to or even drive through.

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