Death of 1,000 cuts

Logically, reasonably, politely… ruthlessly

By the end of this short exchange with Christopher Monkton, it is quite obvious to any objective observer that the poor woman from Norway has been cast completely adrift of her faith based moorings. Like the rest of the Ahab’s in the AGW movement, she is unlikely to abandon her obsession no matter how convincing is the science against because it goes much much deeper than that for her.

“I’ll follow him around the Horn, and around the Norway maelstrom, and around perditions flame before I give him up.”

“From hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. Ye damned whale.”

Video via instapundit.


8 responses to “Death of 1,000 cuts

  1. It is a religion and you can’t change faith and feeling with fact.

  2. I recommend the following article that garnered Lord Monckton the dubious honor of ‘Pants on Fire’ from;

  3. Politifact. Home of the “Truth O Meter”.
    Rather Orwellian sounding wouldn’t you agree?

  4. Orwellian in a game show sort of way that is.
    In making my conclusions Boozehound, I prefer using the Socratic rather than the “What’s my Line” method.

  5. Monkton is NOT a scientist. H’e some Count
    in England who makes puzzles.

  6. ….a DEMOCRAT (gasp). You people are like witch-burners in Salem, Massachusetts, but without the ability to reason as effectively.

    If this were 1687, you’d be running around telling everyone that Newton is just some ivory tower liberal trying to get rich selling parachutes and that we should all be listening to Lord Cottonhead IV and his theory that we can all fly if we’re Christian enough…

  7. Well, he is a democrat but I was thinking more along the lines of bufoon, scam artist, lunatic.

    It’s fairly obvious who lacks reason and the ability to logically debate in the video above boozehound. But you go ahead a cram your head back up your ass where the climate I’m sure is more to your liking.

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