In Honor Of…

In honor of “The Once” traveling to Norway to collect his Nobel Peace Prize and piss off the square heads, Iowahawk’s great unfinished cenematic  masterpiece, Ingmar Bergman’s “Hazardous Dukes”.

Yeah, I know Bergman is Swedish….what’s the difference.

Hat tip to Gerard.


4 responses to “In Honor Of…

  1. No need for a hat tip to Gerard.

    If it’s glib and vile there’s no mistaking where it came from.

    Bye the bye Gerard is absurdly proud of his transformation from leftist nutbar to rabid reactionary.

    And yet he leaves out his lucrative caeer working in the pornographry industry. Monetizing with vast gigabytes of silicone and hardwood floors.

    Norman Rockwelll gone rogue. Or not. Real Americans can’t get enough of their pussy.

  2. If you mean by “leave out”, his numerous posts and comments regarding said time in the “pornography” industry then touche’ Arthur.
    ‘S matter fella? Got a problem with pussy re getting enough?

  3. That would be an evening well spent Daphne.

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