Thank you! Mr. Tidwell will be here all week providing laughs galore…

Mike Tidwell, executive director of something called the Chesapeake Climate Action Network really needs to stop writing editorials in the dead tree media and take his act live. Really, this guy gives Dave Barry a run for his money in the written funny category. If he were to hone his talents in a club setting before a live audience, he could give Jeneane Garofalo a real run for her money as the stereotypical humorless leftist humorist. I haven’t laughed so hard all week. Have a read but fair warning, don’t have a mouthful of your favorite beverage as you grind through this hilariously classic example of authoritarian environmental group think. My favorite bit is this regarding “The Once” turning up the heat on Congress to enact draconian carbon restrictions on our economy.

“Does anyone doubt that our charismatic current president has the capacity to turn up the heat? Imagine the back-room power of a full-on “Obama treatment” to defend America’s flooding coastlines and burning Western forests. Imagine a two-pronged attack on the fickle, slow-moving Senate: Obama on one side and a tide of tweets and letters from voters like you.”

Please! Not the dreaded two pronged attack of the “full on Obama” combined with a tide of tweets.  Comedy gold. I for one am eagerly awaiting Mr. Tidwell taking his routine to the next level.


6 responses to “Thank you! Mr. Tidwell will be here all week providing laughs galore…

  1. As a public service, could you give me some examples of hilarious right wing comedians? The only ones that come to mind are the mouth-breathing retardation antics of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Jeff Dunham and his box ‘o racist puppets, and Ralphie May, who had a very unfortunate part of his act back in 2004 wherein he said that as long as Bush kept getting him cheap gas, he could blow up whatever he liked (How’d that work out?).

    Anyway, just curious who you find funny since Hannity and O’Reilly won’t allow you to laugh at people like Garafolo and Franken…

  2. Drew Carey, Nick DePaolo, Dennis Miller, Evan Sayet, Norm McDonald, Brian Regan, Dennis Leary, Adam Sandler….P.J. O’Rourke though he doesn’t do stand up. Michigan representative Thad McCotter does a killer routine on the talk shows. The guy’s hilarious.

    Franken? Pretty funny guy although I disagree with his politics. Garafolo? Had the “pleasure” of meeting her a few years ago in a coffee shop on Sunset. Told her I enjoyed her acting work and she told me to go fuck myself. A real charmer.

    What’s with the denigration of “blue collar” comedy? I thought you libtards were all about the working man?

    Go away douchebag.

  3. It’s too bad you feel the need to start right in with name calling. I’m just trying to have a dialogue about the topics you bring up, and right away I’m a ‘Libtard’ or a ‘douchebag’. Are your talking points that flimsy that merely being civil is off the table?

    I think your story about Ms. Garafolo is either made up or leaving out an important detail. I have met her as well, and found her to be very polite and cordial.

    Also, as an FYI, DiPaolo, McDonald, Regan, Leary, and Sandler aren’t right wing comics, but I agree that they’re all funny.

  4. Fair enough, although you were the one to start making accusations of right wingery and marching in lockstep with O’Reilly and Hannity. The comedians I mentioned all self identify as conservative or libertarian in outlook. Depends upon your definition of right wing I guess.

    I don’t particularly care for the Foxworthy brand of comics myself though I don’t think they are racist or dim-witted, just not that funny to me. Others think they are. Whatever blows your skirt. As for Dunham, like mimes I find ventriloquists kind of creepy regardless of their political leanings.

  5. Full on Obama + tweets. That’s a picture worthy of a rofl.

  6. Strikes fear into the heart doesn’t it?

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