Carly Fiorina

Could California voters yank their gaze away from their own navels long enough to elect someone like this as Senator over the drooling moron Barbara Boxer? I have my doubts as I am sure the Dems will use her tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard to paint her as one of those evil corporatists, while the GOP establishment will savage her due to her moderate social views.  As in my home state of Washington, the pathetic GOP will eliminate anyone remotely electable in their primaries while the hidebound voters keep electing one Democrat buffoon after another into office rather than re-examine their own political philosophies.

Best of luck California voters! Like a meth addict hitting the casino slots desperately hoping to finance their next fix, hope is about all you have left.

Via Gerard.


8 responses to “Carly Fiorina

  1. I think her opponents won’t have to do much more than point to how she nearly sunk HP by merging with Compaq, took a 21 million dollar Golden Parachute while speaking out against that practice, and then went on to support shipping jobs overseas.

  2. Yes, when compared side by side, Fiorina’s history and business degrees from Stanford and MIT, her rise from receptionist to Fortune Magazines “most powerful woman in business”, her accomplishments surly pale against the record of all that Ms. “Call me Senator” Boxer” has done for the bottom line in the state of California.

  3. I guess you’re being sarcastic, but yes, winning an award from Forbes magazine is slightly less impressive than 30 years as a congressperson and Senator. I guess she’s no Sarah Palin or Monica Crowley or Ann Coulter, but hopefully someday she’ll be able to advance the causes of feminism as much as they have…

    The great majority of Californians are pleased term after term with the job that Boxer does. She gets extremely high marks from the National Education Association, the Children’s Defense Fund, The Humane Society, as well as many other political institutions.

    Does she get negative rankings? You bet. The NRA and National Right to Life committee giver her extremely low marks, so if those are the two issues you vote on, then by all means, don’t vote for her.

  4. All of which reenforces my point. Rather than re-examine their political philosophies, the voters of California will smile and keep pulling the leftist slot machine arm hoping against hope for triple cherries while a state that had a higher GDP that most countries in the world not that long ago slowly swirls down the fiscal crapper. I’m glad that they are happy with their representation. Let’s see if they stay that way once the state starts eliminating vital services or raising taxes to astronomical levels as they inevitably must to avoid bankruptcy. The recent example of University of Cal students nearly rioting when tuition was increased 30% suggests that they will not when the rubber hits the road.

  5. Having run the cash cow Hewlett Packard into the ground I’d say good old Carly is perfectly suited for a Senate run in the good old GOP.

    I imagine her debacle with the Compaq/Hewlett merger will be a case study in business schools across the nation as an example of sheer chuckleheadedness.

  6. Whereas Ms. Boxer has merely run an entire state into the ground.

    • Senators don’t actually govern states but why quibble.

      Howard Jarvis is your man.

      We have Jarvis light here in Washington State in the execrable Tim Eyman.

  7. And speaking of ‘eliminating vital services’ (no such thing in Conservatavia except for the military) the time is rapidly approaching when prisoners will be released due to budget cuts and support for higher education is plummeting.

    No matter. Most Americans who can afford to be “Conservatives’ have already taken full advantage of societal benefits they now can’t wait to cut.

    Now about that $100B a year being pissed away in the Middle East.

    Or are you still of the line of ‘reasoning’ where we need 100,000 or so US troops to hunt down the couple hundred active members of Al-Aqaeda?

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