If I didn’t vote for it…..it doesn’t exist.

“Get that P-51 out of here! Everyone knows that planes have two wings“.

Are even the most mundane decisions of the Obama administration to be focused through the lense of politics or are they just bat shit crazy. I’m starting to suspect the later.

Via Ed Driscoll.


6 responses to “If I didn’t vote for it…..it doesn’t exist.

  1. So you admit that it’s a mundane decision (and if you bother to read the facts, a pretty sensible one. The F-22 program, a plane never used in Iraq or Afghanistan, has been scrapped in favor of the F-35. Lobbyists for Lockheed-Martin and their bought and paid for Republicans in congress were the only ones still fighting for it. Otherwise, it’s a failed project. What’s the point in making the President stand in front of a failed project that never saw any combat duty?), but this somehow provides evidence that the President himself is ‘batshit crazy’?

    So when Obama would prefer not to stand in front of scrapped military hardware he’s INSANE, but when Bush has a sign generated that says ‘Mission Accomplished’, dresses as a pilot, and purposefully misleads the American public further into a pointless war in which thousands will die over the next 6 years, that’s A-OK….

  2. The F-35 is a developmental aircraft numbnuts. They exist currently in very small numbers. Kind of like firing neurons in your brain.

  3. And one should pay any attention to one Ed Driscoll just why exactly?



    Comedian. Writer. Producer.

    Strikes me as a career devoid of any accomplishment or even the most rudimentary education.

    Real presidential timber for right-wingers.

  4. From reading his bio he appears to have accomplished a great deal. I can’t speak to his education but if comedian, writer, producer, disqualifies him of having an opinion I’m sure you will be first in line calling for Al Franken to resign his senate seat.

  5. Take that up with the voters of Minnesota.

    For what it’s worth Franken drawing a freehand sketch of the 48 contiguous states from memory easily puts him in the 95th percentile of US Senators.

    That and a cum laude BA in Political Science from Harvard. Elitist.

    Here’s a Real American:

    Ed Driscoll began his comedy career as a performer at clubs and on television in his hometown of
    Pittsburgh, PA. He quickly gained national notoriety as a touring comic, opening for such performers
    as Jay Leno, Steven Wright, and Robert Klein.

    In 1990, Driscoll moved to Boston to take advantage of the city’s thriving club scene, and taught a
    well-received course in stand-up comedy at the Boston Center For Adult Education. A favorite performer
    at the plethora of local universities, Ed also wrote and performed sketches as part of the cutting-edge
    troupe “Cross Comedy,” led by comedian/actor David Cross.

    In 1994, Driscoll was recruited by Dennis Miller to move to Los Angeles to write on HBO’s “Dennis Miller
    Live.” His work there was recognized with an Emmy, a Cable Ace Award, and a Writers Guild of
    America Award. Ed soon began writing material for Billy Crystal, and drew high praise for his work
    on the 69th, 70th, 72nd, and 76th Academy Awards.

    In 2002, Driscoll’s movie “The Comeback,” starring Samuel L. Jackson, won Best Short Film at the
    Aspen Comedy Festival. That same year, Ed made his Las Vegas debut, opening for Louie Anderson
    at the Rio, and also hosted his own talk show entitled “Please Talk To Ed” at the HBO Workspace
    in Hollywood.

    In 2003, Driscoll’s stand-up show “Mismatch Maker,” examining the travails of on-line dating, ran
    for nine weeks at the legendary Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

    Known for his quick wit, Driscoll is a highly sought “punch up” writer, contributing to various television series such as “The Drew Carey Show,” and various feature films such as “National Security” and
    the “ Scooby Doo” movies.

    A music enthusiast, Ed co-wrote the theme song for the Warner Bros. animated series “Ozzy and Drix”
    and in 2005 wrote special material for Barry Manilow’s new Las Vegas show “Music And Passion.”
    His television appearances include “Politically Incorrect” and NBC’s “Comedy Showcase.” A rabid
    sports fan, Driscoll has appeared on ESPN’s “The Espy Awards,” “Rome Is Burning,” and “Cold Pizza.”

    In 2006, Driscoll served as Supervising Producer on “The Showbiz Show With David Spade”, and did a stand-up tour in support of his first book, “Spilled Gravy.” He also wrote material for HBO’s
    “Comic Relief,” benefitting the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    In 2007, Ed hosted Dakota Pictures pilot “Behind The Lines”, an inside look at the writing process of some of the most popular shows in television history. Driscoll also performed an extended run at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas from May to December.

    Ed recently served as a judge on the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Blue Ribbon Panel to
    choose the 2008 Emmy nominees for Best Comedy Series. Currently, Ed is developing several television
    projects, and has just finished his second book, “Unmoved Chess Pieces”, which will be published
    early next year.

  6. Not quite sure what your point is Arthur. Driscoll isn’t running for public office. He’s an online pundit. He seems quite accomplished in his professional life, as is Franken, I just happen to agree with Driscoll on Political matters more than I do with Franken. As far as their respective educations, for all I know Driscoll could be a high school drop out or an Ivy Leaguer. What does that have to do with expressing an opinion.
    Possessing a degree from Harvard is certainly impressive in an individual sense but it seems that collectively, the Ivy League grads who ascend to power in this country whether in business or politics have done a less than stellar job given the state of the economy these days and the lowlifes and dimwits of both parties that seem to inhabit the public service sector.

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