Khalid Sheik O’Donnell

If you’re like me you are now wiping a mouthful of coffee from your computer screen. As mere words would detract from such a masterful photoshop, if it is in fact a photoshop, I have no further comment. 

Feel free to add your own however.


5 responses to “Khalid Sheik O’Donnell

  1. That’s fucking frightening. Unless it means we get to hang her, too.

  2. Rosie is a pain in the ass but she isn’t a mass murderer.

    I suppose being of Liberal politics is bad enough however.

  3. It’s a joke fella. I just think she looks a little like KSM is all.
    Now…if there’s any more talk of mass murder……I’ll have your legs broken.

  4. Are you sure thats a photoshop? To be a believable parody her pie hole would be closed…..

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