We’re Doomed!!

I’m watching the TV news out of the corner of my eye and they breathlessly proclaim “We’re running out of domain names. THAT COULD MEAN NO NEW WEB SITES!!”

Jebus. Would they run a headline saying “We’ve run out of names for new recipes. WE”RE ALL GONNA STARVE!!”

Relax. I’m sure somebody will think of something.

Update: That’s it! I’m done with the tube. Even as background noise.

While certainly a blowhard and egomaniac, Bill O’Reilly occasionally makes some good points in his bombastic way but come on! Again I’m watching and listening from a distance while he is having a perfectly nice interview with ex-CNN talking head Lou Dobbs when as his finisher…his big wrap up question in the interview, he asks earnestly, “So, is Barack Obama the Devil?” Sweet Jesus on the Cross WTF?

Often I find myself at least partially in agreement with many of his views regarding government corruption, the exploitation of children, etc., but from now on please..please..PLEASE..PLEASE!! stay off of my side!

Update to update: Commentor marianne7 responds that it was a joke and perhaps I should lighten up a bit. Point taken.


3 responses to “We’re Doomed!!

  1. Sheesh. Saw the same interview, but apparently your sense of humor had temporarily short-circuited, or you don’t have many acquiantances who enjoy the subtle humor of handing out rope. All his jokes are the dry, straight-faced delivery type. I thought it was pretty funny in a play-to-the-left-fringie kind-of-way.

  2. I guess maybe I didn’t get the joke. Like I said I was listening only partly. Now that you mention it it does sound like the sort of thing he would toss out to get the lefties foaming at the mouth.

  3. Joke or not, TV is crap. Period.

    Get yourself a ROKU box and the 8.99 a month Netflix subscription. If the big cable firms don’t litigate the eff you see kay outta these guys, this is where I am hoping TV is headed, except even more ala cart.

    The thing that chaps my ass -especially here on the Worst Coast- is all the foreign language stations and shop-at-home BS on pay-to-play cable.

    But I’m not bitter or nuthin’…….

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