Whatever you do, don’t stand up for yourself.

So my oldest son gets on the bus for school last week and searches for a seat on the nearly full coach. He spots an opening on one of the large bench seats near his friends that is occupied by a red haired school mate and his trumpet case. He asks the kid to put his trumpet on the floor so he can sit down. The kid refuses. As the bus is now moving and he knows he will be in dutch with the driver if he looks in his rear view mirror and sees him standing in the aisle, he says a little more forcefully and perhaps a bit provocatively ” Move over ginger”, grabs a hand hold, (ass hold?) on the seat and moves the kid and case over enough to provide purchase for half a cheek. Red haired kid then raises his trumpet case over his head and wollops Jackson on the point of his dome. Hard enough to raise a good goose egg. Much to my later satisfaction, as the kid raised the instument for a second blow Jack turned and delivered a few quick right and left hands until the offending trumpet case had dropped to the floor. Just as my father taught me. Just as I now teach my son. Never start a fight, always finish it.

Of course this is not the proper course of action for boys in these PC times. You are expected to run to the driver and snivellingly rat on the offender while your friends observe and snicker to themselves, “What a pussy”. How far we’ve come in training our young men to become adults able to stand on their own in this world.

I understand he broke the rules and while I think he did the correct thing in defending himself, I explained to him that while he didn’t break my rules, he broke school rules and had to accept his punishment of three days suspension from riding the bus like a man and then move on. I thought that was that until I received a letter from the Director of Transportation from the school district this afternoon explaining the suspension. It stated that while my son would be suspended from riding for three days, the other boy was excused due to my son provoking the incident by using the “racist” term of Ginger. Racist? Really!?
Has hair color now become a racial characteristic? I guess he should have just called him an asshole as those are not a designated victim group…yet.

I’m a pretty big guy and can come across as rather menacing when I choose too to those who don’t know me. I’m going to get in the face of a certain District Transportation Director. My childhood freckles have mostly faded and my red hair gone gray but pray he doesn’t call me Ginger. I won’t be held responsible for my actions.


18 responses to “Whatever you do, don’t stand up for yourself.

  1. Absolutely right. Never start a fight, always finish one. Raising my son with the same credo, and he knows we will back him up when he’s run afoul of some pissant tyrant and thier PC crap. Anyway Ginger had it coming for sure.

  2. Red hair = ginger = racist? I. don’t. think. so. People like that pussy transportation clone need to have a few more consequences in their lives.

  3. One can only hope that people will wake up and rise up.
    The deck is so stacked at this point and attention spans so short I’ve almost lost hope that people will figure out that it is in their power to change things if they want them changed.

    A moment of outrage and then back to Dancing With The Stars seems to be the ethos of the age.

  4. All together now:

    ‘Woe is us!’

    Good luck beating up the District Transportation Director.

  5. I know Arthur, I know. Impotent rage. It’s about all that is left to people who posess a little common sense.

  6. Poor you.

    $1,000,000+ waterfront house. European travel. Elaborate social life. Nice cars. Interesting and lucrative career. Healthy kids. Lovely wife.

    But boo hoo. You’re reduced to this:

    ‘Impotent rage. It’s about all that is left to people who posess a little common sense.’

    You are too funny. Daphne had a poster the other day making the connection between the Japanese atrocities in Nanking during the 1930’s and the condition of middle class Americans circa 09. When I pointed out the obvious exaggeration I was, once again, banned.

    You can’t make it up any more.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. A little testy today Arthur. What’s the matter. Bike shorts chaffing?

  8. Not at all.

    Swobo Rind 1.0 with the OS11 liner. Doesn’t get any more comfortable.

    I’m always amused by Conservative Culture of Victimhood.

  9. Arthur, you’re a petty dick and you are a liar.

    Do you enjoy being so small, vile and ugly? Do you revel in other people’s dilemmas? Why in the hell do you bother to comment if all you can offer is venom?

    You are one of the nastiest human beings I have ever come across on the internet.

  10. So equating life in the US under a Democrat President is equal to life in Nanking circa 1937 ?

    That’s the discussion we’re having.

    The ‘venom’ is suggesting elective politics as practiced in the US is on a par with Japanese atrocities in China. And I didn’t make the analogy.

    You really think you can make that sort of comparison and not be questioned?

  11. No, you dolt. That’s not the discussion anybody is having except you.

    The venom is provided by you obsessing over anal sex on a post defending your presidential pick from undo criticism when he made a dumb mistake.

    I haven’t made any sort of Nanking Rape analogies of Obama’s government and neither did Askmom.

    Why do you have this weird need to pick nits and make people despise you?

  12. I’m done with this, Arthur. Westsound doesn’t deserve to host this crap and you are not worth the soft wet God gave to warm spit.

  13. Well. There you have it.

    Heh. Heh.

  14. Kick-ass blogpost, great looking weblog, added it to my favorites.

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