The Fix Is In.

The AM radio noise machine has been in high dudgeon today regarding the decision to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a civilian courtroom with all of the rights of any ordinary citizen to cross examine his accusers and have the results splattered over the pages and TV screens of our daunted media ala the O.J. trial. The shrill cries of these pundits braying that he might get off scott free due to a sympathetic judge or brain dead jury and then, finally, the people will see our President for what he is and run him out of town on a rail.

As usual they are misunderestimating the most politically cunning administration in recent history. Believe me, KSM is not going to walk after Obama making such a show about Truth, Justice, and the American Way, which was not in evidence in this country before November 3rd 2008 by the way. Ain’t gonna happen. Not the Chicago way. KSM will get his trial and then quietly hook up with his promised 72 virgins while Obama basks in the light of his halo.

In the interim however we are about to witness a trial the likes of which will make O.J’s last starring role look like a low grade Bollywood production, but instead of Mark Furhman and the LAPD on trial it will be a 24/7 Bush and Cheney traveling waterboard torture freak show.

Obama placates his slobbering base and the rest of the American Idol citizenry gets to watch the previous administration frog marched across the television screen for months on end. Win win for “The One” I’d say.

Don’t suppose he’d try to sneak Pelosicare past us while we’re pre-occupied with such important matters. See the quickly moving hand drawing your eye? The Ace is in the other hand.


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