Look! We’re Flying!!


If you were sitting in the drivers seat of the car pictured above, the perception that you were flying would be very real indeed. Reality however in the form of gravity would soon enough make its presence felt and you would discover that while flying and falling are similar, the end results will not be the same.

The phenomenon of multiculturalism seems to have recently crossed from the realm of misguided do-gooderism into full blown mental illness. This article from The Christian Science Monitor regarding how people are looking at the Fort Hood massacre through their own particular political lenses is unsurprising in itself, but a couple of the observations presented are so certifiably insane as to warrant a triple take just to make sure I am reading them right. Take these two paragraphs for instance.

Meanwhile, the debate rages over whether Hasan — aside from his religion, ethnicity, and what he’s reported to have said about two US wars in Muslim countries — himself was a victim of combat-related stress. Even though he’d never been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan himself, presumably as an Army psychiatrist he would have treated and counseled many combat veterans physically broken and mentally battered by war.

“Imagine every day trying to help young men and women somehow put their lives back together despite their night terrors, flashbacks, and chronic sleeplessness,” writes psychologist and full-time therapist Todd Essig. “While you reach out to help, they mistrust your every move and respond with hair-trigger tempers, not to mention all the physical symptoms, alienation, and hopelessness. Surrounded by thoughts of suicide — and homicide — you try and keep faith with the honor and challenge of providing care.”

The horror. A psychiatrist having to address patients with psychological problems. Sleeplessness no less. It’s a wonder he didn’t snap long ago. Look, I’m not trying to minimize the challenges in addressing the very real problems faced by some of our returning servicemen and women or of the doctors who must attempt to heal them. I can’t recall however hearing about any other doctors recently who dealt with this very real stress by unloading an arm full of semi automatic weapons on whom ever happened to be in the vicinity when it all became too much.

Another thing that nearly got by me in the sub-title to the article as it was seemingly so casually tossed out there was the PTSD or pre traumatic stress disorder that the shooter was allegedly suffering from. If I am to understand this correctly, you are now to be morally resolved of responsibility for your actions if you are suffering from what used to be called worrying in a saner time. If you go off due to the possibility that some future occurence that may or may not happen might be  psychologically “traumatic”, well, you are just afflicted with another in an ever growing list of “syndromes” and “disorders” allowing you to claim the mantle of victimhood from the actual victims and in a feat of magic worthy of that guy who make elephants disappear, identify the dead as the perps.

I like magic as much as the next guy but when a society starts mistaking  illusion for reality to the point of wetting their collective pants wondering why, instead of what is to be done, we are in for a rough ride.

Flying can be an exhilarating experience so long as it is done in an airplane.

Update: This doesn’t come as a surprise but is depressing nontheless. If this sort of thinking has infected even our armed forces we are in deep doo doo.


2 responses to “Look! We’re Flying!!

  1. You and me too, Bubba. This has been making me sick for the last couple of days, and I know it’s only gonna get worse.

    Like you, I’ve seen this coming for a long time. Back in 71 or 72 I worked in a private psych hospital for a year or so, and it was a center of what they called in them days the Human Potential Movement. The strongest impression I had was that the primary distinction between staff and patients was that we had keys.

    I’ve had a gang of stress in my almost 65 years, and I’ve spent more of it scared spitless than I care to remember, but I’ve never even come close to shooting the place up. Lefties/NewAgers/multiculti chrystalsuckers and their ilk are so fascinated with Darwin, I think, because they’re living proof that you can precious yourself out of existence.

    I’m not proud of the fact that I fantasize about an angry Muslim or two at the next Moronic Divergence…

  2. Why do crazy people do the crazy things they do? Because they’re F-ing crazy. Time to just accept that sometime people fall off of the “sanity” wagon and hurt innocent people. Does life suck sometimes? Yeah, it does, but it’s better than the alternative.

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