I’m not going to guess what went down in the grotto between famous blogger Dave Burge and the owner of a ’55 Chevy 210 2 door sedan who shall remain nameless in the first half of this sentence, but if Conservative Party candidate Douglas Hoffman is good enough to get the holiest of  holy grails in political endorsements, he is the man I will certainly be voting for in the upcoming NY23 Congressional election. While I live in Washington state and have actually never been in New York’s 23rd district, I’m thinking that maybe Acorn can help me with my Obama given right to cast my ballot in the Empire state and perhaps at the same time help me with some of the more sensitive logistics in sticking it to the “man” and setting up that dog fighting ring that I have long dreamed of and that it turns out (who knew!) is one of my fundamental rights as a soon to be fraudulent voter.

Once you are safely ensconced in your Royal Congressional Seatee, you and Dave are cordially invited to the grand opening of our “canine entertainment enterprise”. I picked up a Staffordshire/Boxer mix on the cheap from  a certain professional athlete and role model to our youth, who was foolish enough not to employ a well regarded community organizing…organization… for his “gaming” start up, and boy can that bitch fight! Uh….I mean…entertain.

Call me.

BR-549 or email at ww.k9gamingadventures/


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